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DIY Paint Chip Flowers

DIY Paint Chip Flowers

Paint-Chip-Flowers-mainPaint Chip Flowers



The prettiest faux-flowers you ever did see, these DIY hydrangeas made of Benjamin Moore paint chips make a great table centerpiece, desk accessory or hostess gift. Craft up this petal-perfect conversation-starter for beautiful blooms that will last and last!

Materials for the hydrangeas:

  • 180 Benjamin Moore paint chips or 60 4-chip swatches (each hydrangea uses 60 paint chips or 20 4-chip swatches, assuming you use 3 of the 4 colours on each swatch)
  • Small flower-shaped paper puncher
  • 300 long pearlized pins
  • Three 4-inch Styrofoam balls
  • 3 thin wooden dowels (long wooden sticks)

Materials for the vase:

  • Narrow glass vase
  • Spray paint

Note: All craft materials are available at your local craft store.

STEP 1: Colour catcher


Visit your local Benjamin Moore store to pick up paint chips. I decided to go with pastel colours true to fresh hydrangeas, and settled on these beautiful shades:

2068: White Heaven, Purple Lace and Victorian Trim
2073: Purple Cream, Pale Iris and Purple Easter Egg
2067: White Satin, Windmill Wings and Summer Blue

STEP 2: Petal pusher


Use your small flower-shaped paper puncher to punch out two petals per paint chip, making sure to keep each colour in separate piles.

STEP 3: Pretty pins


Puncture a long pearlized pin into the centre of each paint chip petal, keeping the colours in separate piles.

STEP 4: Petal planting


To make your first hydrangea, pin each paint chip petal from the same paint swatch into the Styrofoam ball, until the entire ball is filled with petals. Repeat for the next two Styrofoam balls.

STEP 5: Dowel digger


The dowels will make up the stems of your faux hydrangeas. Depending on the size of the dowel, you may need to break it into the appropriate length for your vase. Break them into three varying sizes, to produce three stems in different lengths. Once they’re your ideal size, stick one dowel into each Styrofoam ball to create the stem.

STEP 6: Paint perfect 



In the colour of your choice, follow the label’s instructions to spray paint the glass vase. Once it’s dry, insert the faux hydrangeas to complete your masterpiece!


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