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This Fun and Festive DIY Winter Doormat Can Be Made in 5 Simple Steps

DIY Winter Doormat

No matter how beautifully you style your front door for the holidays, your entrance won’t look complete without a fun and festive doormat. Anchor your outdoor space and give guests a warm welcome with this easy DIY winter doormat you can make in five simple steps.


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Materials required

Materials required:

  • Natural coir doormat
  • Holiday stencil
  • Outdoor acrylic paint
  • Wax or stencil brush
  • Painter’s tape
  • Clear polyurethane coating

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Step One: Plan your Design

Step One: Plan Your Design

Think about the design you’d like to create to complement your front porch or entrance. You can choose a single graphic element or monogram, a festive phrase in fancy lettering, or a classic holiday pattern. Look for inspiration in magazines or blogs and measure or sketch out your design to help visualize your finished doormat.

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Step Two: Position Stencils

Step Two: Position Stencils

Once you’ve decided on a design, use a plastic stencil to bring it to life. If your design is more complex, you may need several stencils in various sizes. Position your stencils on the doormat and carefully secure them in place with painter’s tape.

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Step Three: Paint


Step Three: Paint

Apply a light and even layer of outdoor acrylic paint to a large wax or stencil brush. Carefully and firmly stamp the paint over the entire stencil. Depending on your design and stencils, you may need to work in batches.

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Step Four: Remove Stencils

Step Four: Remove Stencils

Once your paint is completely dry, gently remove the painter’s tape and lift your stencil away from the doormat. If you’re working in batches to complete your design, be sure to allow enough drying time before laying down your next stencil.

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Step Five: Apply a Protective Coating

When you’re happy with how your finished design looks, apply a layer of transparent polyurethane spray to protect your doormat from the winter elements. Be sure to complete this step in a well-ventilated or outdoor area.

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Set the Holiday Scene

Set the Holiday Scene

Dress up your front entrance using your new winter doormat and some greenery. Enjoy!

Images courtesy of Denise Dias

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