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Looking for Ways to Help Spark Creativity at Home? Design a Fun DIY Kids’ Craft Room

DIY Craft Room

With kids likely spending more time indoors this season than ever before, creating or refreshing a dedicated craft room in your home is a great way to help keep them busy and entertained. Follow these simple steps to transform any dull or unused area into a fun and imaginative play space that your kids will love.


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DIY Craft Room - Materials required

Materials Required:

  • Large-scale wall decal
  • Table and chairs
  • Loads of art supplies
  • An easel
  • Framed kids’ artwork
  • Storage bins
  • Creative toys

Step One: Make a Fun Statement Wall

Nothing gives a dull room instant visual interest and depth like a statement wall. Rather than just painting the wall in a bold colour, take creativity to new heights by applying a large-scale patterned decal or mural. Even a subtle design or muted colour palette will feel like a vibrant backdrop and will completely warm up a space.

Step One: Make a Fun Statement Wall
Step One: Make a Fun Statement Wall

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Step Two: Create a Cute Workspace  

Carve out a comfortable space for your little ones to create masterpieces with a small table and chairs. Opt for new colourful furniture or an eclectic assortment of second-hand finds.

Step Two: Create a Cute Workspace

Step Three: Display Art Supplies

Make brushes, paint, markers and crayons easily accessible and visible. Tip: group together various materials and bright colours for visual interest. Use simple glass jars or white storage containers.

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Step Four: Frame Your Kid’s Artwork

Hang a few of your kiddo’s best art pieces in the space. Nothing will inspire them more than having their very own rotating gallery wall!
Step Four: Frame your Kid’s Artwork


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Step Five: Get an Easel

No craft room is complete without a great easel! Look for one that has a built-in chalkboard or magnetic whiteboard for bonus play.

Step Five: Get an Easel

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Step Six: Add Whimsical Storage

Keep the area clutter-free by gathering up any extra toys, books and stuffies into beautiful bins that boast playful patterns or pom poms.
Step Six: Add Whimsical Storage

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Step Seven: Decorate With Creative Toys

Carefully curate the room with artistic toys that spark imaginative play – think musical instruments like a miniature grand piano and guitar to boost creativity!
Step Seven: Decorate with Creative Toys

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DIY Craft Room

Images courtesy of Denise Dias

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