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5 DIY Christmas Centrepieces That Come Together for $20 or Less

DIY holiday Centerpiece
Nicole Michalou

The countdown is on to create a fun and festive holiday table in time for Christmas meals. If you’re feeling the crunch after holiday shopping, we’ve found five easy centrepieces you can create for under $20. (And who doesn’t love a little holiday crafting with an HGTV Canada marathon running in the background?) We’ve done all the legwork for you, so sit back and settle into a cozy scroll and get your DIY centrepiece game on.


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Dried fruit and cinnamon sticks on table
cottonbro studio

A Sweet-Meets-Citrus Centrepiece

Did you know you can find affordable items to create a beautiful centrepiece in the produce aisle? Look at us keeping you on your toes! Dried orange slices are a beautiful, rustic Scandinavian choice for Christmas decor. Add some sticks of cinnamon and star anise and you have yourself a crafty Scandinavian centrepiece that smells just as delightful as it looks. You can scatter the mixture on top of a table cloth, runner or greenery such as garland or spare Christmas tree cuttings. If time is not on your side (when is it ever during the holidays?) you can buy pre-dried slices like these.


Tree clippings on table
Nicole Michalou

A Festive Foraged Centrepiece

Greenery or garland is a romantic and classic take on Christmas decor and can be used in a variety of ways. If you have the time you can forage the greenery or use extra Christmas tree clippings, but if you don’t fancy yourself a forager, craft stores have you covered with this berry and leaf garland for under $20. Laying the greenery lengthwise down the table may be all you need to create an atmosphere of abundance and freshness. If you’re looking for more of a statement, when in doubt add twinkly lights. They can be found here for under $15.

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Pinecones in bowl on table
Pelageia Zelenina

Pretty Pinecones on Display

We love this DIY centrepiece because it starts with a winter walk in the great outdoors. Adorning your table with pinecones and an assortment of nuts does the trick in the nick of time, and all for under $20. Snag these pinecones and then head over to the bulk section of your local grocery store to pick up an assortment of nuts. You can make use of a decorative bowl, tablecloth, runner, or place the pinecones and nuts on a bed of greenery collected from the outdoors. This natural and minimalist centrepiece will enhance any blank canvas of a table.

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Holiday wreath on table with candles
Alex Fu

Put a Wreath on It

Wreaths are another classic choice when it comes to Christmas decorations. Our motto when it comes to wreaths is the more the merrier. Believe it or not, wreaths can be a versatile piece of decor and doesn’t always have to be used outside your front door or hung on a wall. Place your wreath in the middle of your table and voila! A Christmas centrepiece that’s a feast for the eyes. While certain wreaths can be costly, check out this beautiful option for under $10. You can easily and affordably add colourful red berries for under $10, twinkly lights, and votive candles of varying heights for that extra jeuge factor.


Toy train on dining table

Choo, Choo, Choose This Centrepiece

If you’re the type that loves a good old Christmas village (the child in us sees the child in you) try repurposing an electric train for your table and garnish it with Christmas ornaments and twinkly lights. We love the idea of setting up these charming LED ceramic houses for $10 along the track, and ceramic trees for under $15, and these wooden ornaments for $3 each.



With any of these affordable DIY centrepiece ideas, your table will be fit for the festivities come Christmas day. Happy crafting everyone!


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