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Make a Stunning Eco-Friendly Candlestick Holder: A Step-by-Step Guide

Make a Stunning Eco-Friendly Candlestick Holder: A Step-by-Step Guide

Looking for an affordable and stylish way to add a custom decor piece to your home? Why not try making your own DIY candlestick holder?


With just a few simple materials you can find at any local thrift store, you can create a beautiful and unique glass candle holder that will add a charming touch to your dining room or entryway. Read on for a step-by-step guide on creating your own candlestick holder, along with tips and tricks to help you make it your own.

Get ready to light up your space with your very own handmade DIY candlestick holder.

DIY Candlestick Holder Instructions 

Step One: Go to your favourite local thrift stores and search for glass dishware in a cohesive colour palette, like pastels. Hold the ends of each dish or glass up to each other to make sure that they can be properly stacked and glued together.

Step Two: Unpack all your thrifted finds and give everything a light wash with warm water and dish soap. This will help you to remove unwanted stickers and residue for proper gluing adhesion.

Washing glasses to make a DIY candlestick holder

Step Three: Let the glassware fully dry and plan out what order you want to stack the glassware in. Pair up close coloured pieces or mix colours for a more eclectic look.

Step Four: Once dry, plug in your hot glue gun (or you can use super glue!) and gather whichever glass you decide for your base.

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Gluing a bottom glass for a DIY candle stick holder

Step Five: Add hot glue around the entire rim of the glass. Then, quickly press down the second piece for the best glue adhesion.

Step Six: Keep stacking layers of glassware, gluing each base together until you get your desired candlestick holder height. I recommend alternating heights if you plan to make several candlesticks holders.

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Step Seven: After all your pieces are stacked and glued together, let them dry for a few hours before moving.

Step Eight: Pair with your favourite candles, light a flame, and enjoy your new thrifted upcycled candle holders!

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Two pink and orange candlestick holders

Watch How to Make a DIY Candle Stick

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All images courtesy of Natalie Paquin. 

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