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Danielle Bryk’s Best Organizing Tip

Danielle Bryk’s Best Organizing Tip



Danielle Bryk, host of Bryk House


Watching Danielle Bryk balance her home and work environments on Bryk House has us truly inspired. While tackling the daily drama of a young family, Danielle proves week after week that she can successfully guide her clients through any renovation and still control the chaos at home.

We had a chance to chat with this supermom about how she keeps things calm in her own home. What are your tips for keeping your busy house organized?

DB: First and foremost, I absolutely believe that the key to keeping things organized is not to have too much to begin with. I am inspired by Sir Terence Conran who suggests that you only have room for what you absolutely need or absolutely love.


A toy room that would make any mother breathe easy, as seen on Bryk House

In your closets, if you haven’t worn it for a year, give it to someone who might. In the kitchen, if you don’t use it weekly, it doesn’t deserve prime real estate. For the things you do keep, everything has a place. At our house, if the keys are not on the key hook, it creates pandemonium when trying to leave the house. If the shin pads are not put in the shin pad basket when the kids get home from soccer, it’s a guarantee that we will be late for the next practice. Sometimes, acceptance is half the battle. If you’re a large family and you are tripping over the mounds of shoes and gear at the doorway, accept the fact that this is where your family is right now. Even if you don’t have a closet near your entrance, install lots of shoe racks and coat hooks and arrange them in a deliberate way.

Open storage can be even better because you will make an effort to keep it looking tidy – no throwing things to the back of the closet to be forgotten!


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