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Clover Lawns are the 2023 Trend That Will Stand the Test of Time

Clover Lawns are the 2023 Trend That Will Stand the Test of Time

A lawn that stays green all year long while barely having to water it? Talk about luck! According to the National Association of Realtors, the clover lawn has been Google’s most searched home improvement trend of 2023 so far. And we believe it: clover lawns are a clever and sustainable alternative to grass lawns that have been all over our social media pages. 


What are Clover Lawns? 

Clover lawns cover your yard with clovers or shamrocks. You can either exclusively cover your lawn with all clovers or combine clovers and traditional turf grass. In fact, your yard may already be growing some clovers right now. Instead of treating them like weeds, here’s why you should consider keeping them. 

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The Benefits of Clover Lawns

There are a lot of pros to opting for clovers over grass. Having a green and lush lawn all the time is just one of them! These are the benefits of having the “Luck of the Irish,” as your lawn of choice: 

It’s Low Maintenance

Clover lawns require no mowing, so you’ll have a great-looking lawn with less hassle. White clovers can grow around two to eight inches tall and require little or no mowing to keep them looking tidy. 

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Clover Lawns Can Withstand Canadian Climate

Clover lawns work in any region of the country, coast to coast. They’re heat resistant and can thrive during sweltering summer months — including drought. Additionally, they can also survive Canada’s extreme winters. 

It’s More Sustainable

Having a clover lawn means less watering, which is much better for the environment. Since clovers can grow in poor soil, they can survive without as much water as typical grass. Clovers also help promote biodiversity and encourage pollinators like bees to pollinate your stunning garden. 

Additionally, clovers can also spread fast in areas that don’t receive that much sunlight, so they’re perfect in shady areas where the grass is harder to keep alive. One con: they don’t handle foot traffic as well as regular grass. However, they’re affordable compared to Bermuda or Perennial, plus they’re pet-friendly, too. 


Of course, you’ll more likely to find four-leaf clovers with this new trendy lawn. And who couldn’t use some more luck and good energy in their lives?

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Photo courtesy of Getty Images. 

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