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8 Cleaning Secrets From Four Seasons Hotel Toronto

8 Cleaning Secrets From Four Seasons Hotel Toronto
The Four Seasons Hotel

Have you ever been to a 5-star hotel and wondered: how on earth can I replicate this experience in my home? Believe it or not, it’s easier than you think. From bedding to bathrooms, every small detail matters whether you’re staying at a hotel or lounging at home. We spoke with Four Seasons Hotel Toronto’s Director of Rooms Angelica Sanz Rincón to unveil their team’s cleaning secrets in bringing luxury to life. Related: The HighAcre: Ontario’s French-Inspired Boutique Hotel is the Staycation of Your Dreams


What you should expect at Four Seasons Hotel Toronto

“When staying at a five-star hotel, guests can expect pristine cleanliness, functionality and the sensation of arriving into a personal space that is flawless in every sense,” says Angelica. “Personalization is of the utmost importance because every guest has a different way of enjoying their day, routines and rituals.” Each experience needs to be tailored as relationship building with guests is at the heart of what defines luxury. “We will act upon what we know and set up the room according to the family and individual.” “Every hotel, luxury or not, will offer standard amenities for the guest to enjoy, but it’s signature unique amenities that set apart the luxury experience,” says Angelica. “We provide shampoo and lotion just like any other hotel; but the elevation of this given expectation is the distinction.” Four Seasons is known for partnering with a private label perfumery and developing signature scents that only can be experienced at the hotel.

four seasons hotel toronto
The Four Seasons Hotel Toronto

5-star luxury cleaning secrets

Four Seasons Hotel Toronto team is (no surprise) incredibly meticulous with their responsibilities of maintaining a perfectly spotless room at the hotel. Lucky for us, they so graciously shared eight cleaning secrets that set them among the best of the best in hotel luxury.

  1. Choose cleaning products that make sense for the appropriate surface area. Using the wrong one could shorten the life and beauty of your materials.
  2. Take preventive maintenance measures to avoid corrective measures. The team runs periodic inspections from all angles and regularly scheduled deep cleaning to ensure the rooms are always functional and in top condition.
  3. Clean the dust in air filters frequently. In big cities with heavy construction it’s essential to frequently change and clear our air filters to avoid the accumulation of dust on surfaces in the room.
  4. Protect the bed and make it look picture-perfect. At Four Seasons, the bed is the most important feature the showstopper! The team uses the most advanced encasements, linen protectors, machinery and products to treat linen.
  5. Keep live plants in the rooms you spend the most time in. Well cared for plants remove toxins from the air and beautify the space.
  6. Through the global Four Seasons for Good environmental approach, the team has removed all single-use plastics from their rooms without sacrificing luxury amenities. The rooms look cleaner and more refined. All plastics have been changed for alternative materials such as: glass, bamboo, cellulose etc.
  7. The unique and luxurious look of a Four Seasons room is epitomized by the bed in the center. Each bed is made with the signature Four Seasons “foot pocket” bed tuck. The secret folding technique on the bed linen allows guests to comfortably tuck their feet once in bed and move around without pulling on the linen to come out.
  8. Use a lint roller to get every last piece of debris and add a second layer of cleanliness. After the rooms are mopped, the lint roller picks up any minuscule debris.

Don’t forget to clean those hard to reach places! Angelica recommends keep a close eye on high-touch areas such as door handles, remote controls, light switches, phone buttons and any in-room tech. That way, you can maintain a new-room feel all around. Related: The Right Way to Clean Grout in the Shower


The Four Seasons Hotel Toronto

Bring 5-star luxury home

Living a life a luxury isn’t exclusive to just a hotel experience. The beauty about luxury itself is that it can be universally integrated into any given space with the right tools and resources. Angelica suggests adding spa elements to your home that make the experience unique to your guests. From a signature candle to bath products and sleep kits, your guest can feel right at home from the moment they walk through the door. A good night’s sleep is the most important part of a luxury stay. It appeals to all of the senses — from the sight and touch (crisp, ironed, soft cotton sheets) to the smell of the linens, and gorgeous ambient lighting to soften the mood. For a dreamy night’s sleep, Four Seasons Hotel Toronto has even launched a new luxury bedding line outfitted with the best in mattresses, linens and more. Interested in experiencing Four Seasons Hotel Toronto yourself? You can book your stay here.

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