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Bryan Baeumler on How to Tell if You Need to Renovate Your Pool

Bryan Baeumler on How to Tell if You Need to Renovate Your Pool

Bryan Baeumler is one of HGTV Canada’s go-to contractors and the host of Bryan Inc.House of BryanLeave it to Bryan and Island of Bryan.


Summer’s here! Time to break out the patio furniture and begin enjoying your backyard pool. If you’re opening up your pool for the summer and noticing that there is some decay surrounding the exterior or the vinyl lining seem to be losing its lustre, it may be time to invest in that inground pool renovation. Here are some signs to tell if it may be time to give your pool a remodel.

Issues in the Liner
If you’re beginning to notice any issues with the pool liner, it may be time to invest in an inground pool renovation. Wrinkles, stains, leaks and tears in the liner are often caused by prolonged exposure to chemicals and the sun. These signs can also lead to algae buildup and significant rust stains in your pool. Vinyl liners are usually designed to last 10 to 15 years, so if you find that yours is losing its appeal, it may be time to call a pool renovation design professional.

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Deteriorations Surrounding the Pool
Noticing decay surrounding the pool is one of the easiest ways to tell if your backyard oasis is in need of a facelift. Take a look around the outside surface of the pool; if you are noticing cracks, discolouration, rust or leaks, it could mean that there is a greater issue under the surface. It’s best to catch these issues early on, as you may be able to resolve the problem without having to completely renovate the pool, which can save you time and pool remodeling costs in the long run. Don’t ignore the noticeable cosmetic issues! Call in a professional to evaluate if you see the signs.

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Updated Landscaping
A home’s landscaping can be a major selling factor. If you’re investing money and time into landscaping, make sure your pool renovation designs don’t ruin the look of your newly updated property. If your pool is looking outdated, worn and decayed, it may be time to consider renovating the pool as well. Your pool can be a highlight feature in your backyard: if you’ve invested your money into updating the landscaping, ensure that your pool adds to the appeal of your new outdoor space.

Safety Concerns
When safety becomes a concern, that’s when you know it’s time to renovate your pool. If you are noticing issues with the electrical, including faulty or outdated lighting, contact a professional pool remodeling cost consultant immediately. Issues with electrical can lead to serious safety concerns, such as electric shock. If you notice other safety concerns, such as broken or slippery tile, it is best to contact a professional and discuss next steps regarding renovating your pool.

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Your Pool Isn’t Energy Efficient
The majority of the older pools do not have the same features that the pools of today can offer. Your outdated pool may be using more energy, which ends up costing you more on your monthly water and electrical bill – not to mention its negative impact on the environment. Even though upgrading your pool to a more modern option will end up costing you money, the energy efficient features will end up saving you in the long run. Invest in a pool that works for you and your money, as well as the environment.

Photos courtesy of HGTV Canada and Jarrett Ford


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