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Bryan Baeumler Overhauls an Eagle Lake Cabin


Like many businesses, vacation rental properties are a lot of risk and reward. They take a great deal of investment and there’s no guarantee that the markets will stay high. This makes it easy to get overwhelmed, which makes it harder to focus on what matters most, your guests’ experience. This was the case for new business owners Michelle and Jesse, who just recently purchased their first vacation rental property, an Eagle Lake cabin in Haliburton. That’s where Bryan Baeumler came in, with his extensive experience in rental properties, he was just the man to make this Eagle Lake cabin stand out from the crowd.


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the drafty rundown sunroom of the Eagle Lake cabin
HGTV Canada

Disjointed Design

Luckily for Michelle and Jesse, their cabin had a lot of key factors to make it desirable to prospective renters. However, what the cabin didn’t have was a comfortable layout. Between multiple stairways that seemed to go up, down, and all around and no proper place to dine, the space was slightly uncomfortable, but the solution was nearby. In an old drafty sunroom, there was a tremendous amount of potential. Bryan suggested they transform this rundown room into their new entrance and dining room.

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the overhauled laundry room of the Eagle Lake cabin
HGTV Canada

Lavish Laundry

Another thing that the Eagle Lake cabin had going for it was its laundry room. Although not the most glamorous element, having a space where guests can do laundry drastically increases their comfort and the likelihood of longer-term rentals. It was for this reason that they wanted to make it a beautiful space where guests could feel at home, even when they aren’t enjoying the flashier parts of vacationing.

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The finishing dining/landing room of the Eagle Lake cabin
HGTV Canada

Sunroom Success

While Bryan was away, Michelle and Jesse got busy creating an enticing entryway. With the drafts taken care of thanks to Michelle’s spray foam skills and a door replaced with a welcoming walkthrough, this space finally felt like it belonged. Now guests don’t have three different sets of stairs to trek when they arrive.

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