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Upgrade Your Bathroom for Less With This Easy Bath Mat DIY

A DIY bath mat made by Maca Atencio
Maca Atencio

We’ve seen trendy punch needle bath mats all over the internet and in stores, so we’ve decided to recreate this popular item at home for a fraction of the cost. These handmade tufted bath mats are perfect for transforming a cold bathroom into a cozy warm space.


Are you even living if you don’t have some peach representation in your bathroom? 🍑 @Hey Maca | DIY | Home Decor #peach #bathroomdesign

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Punch needle bath mat tufting is a relatively newer craft that allows DIYers to add personality to everyday items. It’s a technique anyone can master, with no experience required. In this three-step DIY tutorial, we’ll demonstrate how to create your own adorable ‘peachy clean’ bath mat, just like the ones you’ve seen in stores. Let’s dive into it, shall we?

Drawing the outline for a DIY peach bath mat
Maca Atencio

Materials Required:

  • Punch needle machine
  • Monks’ cloth
  • Carpet trimmer
  • Yarn, in different colours (for this design we used peach, cream, pink and green)
  • Non-slip rug backing
  • Scissors
  • Marker

Using a punch needle machine to make your own peach bath mat
Maca Atencio

Step 1: Design Your Pattern and Prep Your Machine

Start by designing your pattern directly onto the cloth using a marker. For more complicated or detailed patterns, like our ‘peachy clean’ design, we used a projector to help us achieve all the details. Always remember to mirror the design when using a projector.

As soon as you finish drawing the design, load your punch needle machine with your first colour, threading it carefully.

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How to DIY a peach bath mat at home
Maca Atencio

Step 2: Start Punching

Now the fun begins! It’s time to start punching. Here are a few beginner tips if you’re trying a punch needle machine for the first time:

  • When tufting, always punch upwards – this is very important. The machine works by pushing the yarn through the fabric from the front, creating loops on the back.
  • Start slowly – begin punching slowly to ensure you understand how the machine works. You’ll soon become more comfortable with the motion.
  • Work in sections – if your design has letters or complicated details, start with those. Divide your design into sections and complete each area one by one.

Once we finished punching all of the ‘peachy clean’ letters for our design, we changed the yarn colour and started on the pink background.

How to make a peach bath mat at home
Maca Atencio

Step 3: Finish Off the Details

Now it’s time to finish the details of the mat by adding the green yarn, which will be the leaves around the peach shape. We used two tones for this part to add a vibrant and natural look to the design.

Once you’ve completed punching all of your colours, trim any excess yarn using scissors and remove the pattern from the cloth.


To complete the project, glue a non-stick rug backing to your mat using your preferred glue. Then trim the rug with a carpet trimmer.

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The completed peach bath mat DIY
Maca Atencio

Isn’t this DIY project so satisfying? You now have your very own handmade ‘peachy clean’ tufted bath mat, adding a touch of charm to your bathroom’s decor.

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