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Articulating Lighting: Sarah Baeumler’s Latest Love

Articulating Lighting: Sarah Baeumler’s Latest Love

When it comes to designing a space, one of the biggest features that helps to tie it all together is lighting, and currently, one of my favourite lighting trends is articulating lighting. These fixtures take a nod from vintage, industrial style, but can be found in gorgeous, modern finishes. This burgeoning trend is being used in nearly every room of the home, from bathrooms (flanking a vanity) to kitchens (over a counter), and even in bedrooms, as handy bedside lighting, and it’s all thanks to the incredible functionality of these elegant light fixtures.


Articulating lighting, more often than not, has a movable arm that allows for the lighting source to be positioned according to your preference. Thus, it can take on many different functions, and work in a variety of rooms.

They are ideal for bathrooms because they can be moved to shine light while applying makeup or to light a specific part of your face. This directional function allows you to select where the light should be focused and enables you to have much more flexibility than if the fixture was static.

They can also be very useful to highlight a specific piece of art or a décor feature. Adding a piece of art to a room can transform a space, but in my opinion the impact of a piece of art is only dictated by the way in which it is lit. A beautiful piece of articulating lighting can allow you to direct, and redirect light however you would like. This could allow you to focus on a specific aspect of the artwork or the whole piece.

More often than not, articulating lighting comes in the form of a sconce. This allows the lighting fixture to be secure to the wall but not fixed in position. They also come as task lighting which can be used as bedside lamps. This enables the light to be used as mood lighting as well as a reading light.


This form of lighting comes in all shapes, sizes and finishes, so they can be used in any style you desire. The more popular style is the modern industrial look, but these lights can work extremely well in cottages or more traditional spaces.

Articulating lighting can add an aspect of depth to a room too. The fact that they physically extend from the wall means that they add a sense of profile to a space. This 3D effect can add a new style dimension to your home and make lighting a definitive feature to your overall style and design.

Sarah Baeumler’s passion for design led her to join husband Bryan Baeumler on the front lines of his real estate and renovations business. She stars in Home to Win, and co-hosts Bryan Inc. alongside Bryan.

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