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A Handmade Valentine’s Day Card That’s So Sweet, You’ll Literally Eat It Right Up

A Handmade Valentine’s Day Card That’s So Sweet, You’ll Literally Eat It Right Up

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, surely candy’s worth a million. So when it comes to romantic gestures, our motto is: say it with sweets! This handmade Candy Crush card doubles as a checkerboard; it’s playful and delicious, everything your Valentine’s Day should be. Scroll below to watch the video and for the full step-by-step instructions to make your own DIY Valentine’s Day Candy Crush card at home.


Watch: A Handmade Valentine’s Day Candy Crush Card

Materials for a Handmade Valentine’s Day Candy Crush Card

To make this DIY project you will need: three pieces of cardstock in different shades of pink, a small white rectangular gift box, a ruler, an X-ACTO knife, tape, glue, sticker letters, a cellophane bag and your favourite Valentine’s Day candies.

Step One: Prepare the First Sheet of Cardstock

Cut one colour of cardstock into eight strips, 1.25″ in length. (We chose pink to contrast with red for our traditional Valentine’s Day card).

Step Two: Prepare the Second Sheet of Cardstock

Cut the second piece of red cardstock following our video instructions closely: cut eight strips, each 1.25″ stopping 1″ from the edge to create a border on three sides of the cardstock.

Step Three: Weave the Two Sheets Together

Weave the pink strips into the red cardstock, within the border, to create a checkerboard.

Step Four: Glue the Weaving Onto the Card

Glue the checkerboard you’ve just created onto a second piece of red card stock. (This will form the outer side of your card).

Step Five: Fold the Card

Fold the checkerboard in half, creating a card.

Step Six: Label the Card

Label the front of your card using letter stickers to spell out “Candy Crush.”


Step Seven: Fill the Gift Box with Candy

Next, fill a clear bag with your favourite Valentine’s Day sweets and pack them into a small white box.

Step Eight: Prepare Gift Wrap for the Box

Cut a 5″ wide strip of pink cardstock which will form the pop-up heart wrap around the gift box.

Step Nine: Create a Pop-Up Heart

Cut a half heart in the center of the cardstock and fold back to reveal a half heart window.

Watch: A Handmade Valentine’s Day Candy Crush Card

Step Ten: Wrap the Gift Box

Wrap the cardstock around the gift box so that the cut-out heart is center on the top of the box.

Step Eleven: Label the Gift Box

Attach “You’re My” letter stickers through the open heart window, onto the white gift box.

Game, set, match (maker). Give your paramour this heartfelt Valentine’s Day card-turned-checkerboard and they’ll be yours for all eternity (or at least until the candy runs out).

Watch: A Handmade Valentine’s Day Candy Crush Card

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