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A Bryk at a Time

It’s one thing to design your own home, but it’s another to turn your knack for design into a full-time job. Danielle Bryk is about to embark on her biggest challenge yet. After successfully turning a rundown rooming house into her family home, she is putting her money, marriage and sanity on the line and starting her own property company and design firm: The Bryk House.

A Bryk at a Time chronicles Danielle Bryk through the adventures (and misadventures) of starting a new interior design firm, all while continuing to balance and juggle her family life of three kids, a busy husband and all their family’s needs. Between shuttling the kids to school, soccer lessons and music class, she also has to become the President, Designer and Secretary of her own interior design company. What does it really take to launch a successful business and what toll will it take on family life? Danielle is about to find out.