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7 Genius Ways to Double Your Closet Space

7 Genius Ways to Double Your Closet Space



Unless you’re one of those lucky folks with a fabulous walk-in closet bursting with storage drawers, shelving and shoe racks, you probably feel like you could use more closet space – a lot more. Yet you can actually double the space within your existing closet setup simply by following a few simple tips.

The first step is always to weed through the stuff you’ve actually got in there now, and take a realistic assessment. After tossing the stuff that needs to go into a box destined for the thrift shop, you’re ready to begin:


Add a Second Closet Rod

The average closet rod is positioned at approximately eye level, which gives you room to add a second one, slightly more than three feet off the ground. This allows one rod for longer garments along with another for shorter items, or things that can be folded. If you don’t want to make it permanent, use a tension rod that can be easily removed if need be.


Use the Back of the Closet Door

The inside of your closet door contains a wealth of potential storage solutions. For example: an over-the-door rack on which to hang bags and belts; an over-the-door shoe cubby; add hooks to hang robes and jackets, to identify a few.


Ditch Plastic Hangers

Those thick plastic hangers take up a lot of room – and are about twice the size as slim-width hangers. A simple hanger swap will instantly double your closet’s storage capacity!


Add Shelves Above a Closet Rod

If you don’t have shelving above an existing closet rod, consider adding some. A set of shelves will provide an organized way to store shoes, hats and other items that would otherwise be in disarray.




A Seasonal Shift

If it’s summer, store your fall and winter items in under-the-bed rolling bins, and vice versa, thereby using your closet only to access the stuff you’re going to need during any particular season


Double Up on Hangers With Soda Pull Tabs

Try this genius hack: Remove the pull tabs from soda cans, and slide one onto a hanger. You’ll notice another hole, into which you can slide the hook from a second hanger, and you’ve instantly doubled your hanging space by doubling up on hangers, with each hanger supporting a second one.




Invest in a Closet System

Check out the variety of closet systems on the market, which are designed to transform a chaotic closet into an oasis of calm by adding drawers, shelves, bars, etc. Not only will you vastly increase the amount of clothing that can be stored, you’ll also be unbelievably organized.

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