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4 Reasons Mike Holmes Prefers Carpet Over Tiles and Hardwood Flooring in a Reno

4 Reasons Mike Holmes Prefers Carpet Over Tiles and Hardwood Flooring in a Reno

On the latest season of Holmes and Holmes, my son Mike Jr. and I have a pretty lengthy debate about whether putting carpet in the bedroom is a good idea. He even took a poll on the construction site to support his stance. In the end, we decided to compromise. You’ll have to watch season 2 of Holmes and Holmes to find out what that meant but just know that I love having carpet in a bedroom.


Don’t get me wrong – I’m not against tile and I actually like it, especially when it comes with in-floor heating. For instance, you’ll definitely want tile over carpet for the entrance of your home and the mudroom. When you and your family wear winter boots, you don’t want them staining carpets. In one of the houses that Mike Jr. and I renovated together, we installed tile near the entrance and hardwood flooring leading into the hallway. It is possible to do both and get creative. However, never put hardwood floors right at the front door, as you can ruin the wood when you bring in moisture from outside.

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All of that aside, here are four reasons you may want to consider carpet over tiles and hardwood floors when choosing what type of floors to install:

  1. Carpet is the Cheap Option

Before starting a renovation, I always recommend getting a home inspection. A home inspection prior to a renovation may uncover issues with your home that need attention right away. That way, you’ll know where to spend your money. If you do have a smaller budget, carpet is the cheaper choice.

  1. Perfect for Playrooms

Consider hypo-allergenic carpeting for your kid’s playroom. And although carpeting isn’t typically spill-friendly, there are carpet tiles that come in all sorts of designs and colours, so if a spill does happen, the carpet tile can be removed and replaced.


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3. Sound Suppression

With hardwood flooring, there are a few things you can do for sound suppression. You can use area rugs and sound insulation in the joists. However, that will not block echoes. Carpet will give you way better sound suppression.

4. It’s Comfortable

In-floor heating provides an even heat across the entire floor, so you’ll never find a cold spot. It’s ideal for under tile, but can also be used under laminate, hardwood and vinyl flooring. Radiant in-floor heating is the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly way to heat your home. However, if you are not planning to install radiant in-floor heating, you may want to go with cozy carpet to keep your feet warm during the winter at a fraction of the cost.

Images courtesy of The Holmes Group and HGTV Canada

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