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$2.1M+ Toronto Penthouse Hits the Market — and the Promotional Video is Bonkers

$2.1M+ Toronto Penthouse Hits the Market — and the Promotional Video is Bonkers

A high-end penthouse condo in Toronto has been making headlines – not for its spectacular features and deluxe amenities, but for its completely outside-of-the-box promotional video, in which a clumsy woman spills a drink all over her dress (necessitating an impromptu outfit change) while grilling up some steaks for a trio of besuited dudes within the condo.


The video, titled “King(dom) in the Sky” (presented by Toronto-based TV producer turned realtor Karyn Filiatrault), quickly went viral, and has already been blasted by a Toronto woman’s group. One person who is not pleased is photographer Breanne Gimza, who tells MSN the video “made my skin crawl. The woman is only there to serve the whims and desires of the men that she comes into contact with, with food and her body,” describing the woman depicted in the video as a “bumbling idiot.”

However, Filiatrault’s partner, Corrie Hain, has a far different take on the video. “Some people might see a woman enslaved in the kitchen, delivering meals to her powerful businessman husband and his partners,” Hain tells MSN. “Others might see a woman doing what she loves in the kitchen, entertaining guests at home – with a few blunders and handling it like any strong woman would. In the end, she actually sits down with her guests at the dinner table and everything’s equalized.”

Meanwhile, there’s no denying the condo itself is pretty spectacular, with the 1958-square-foot condo “offering jaw-dropping views of the lake and CN Tower.”

Billed in the listing as “an entertainer’s dream,” the two-bedroom, two-bath penthouse suite is accessed by a private elevator.

The soaring 11-foot ceilings are another selling point of the condo, listed at $2.15 million (along with monthly maintenance fees of $1196). Other features of note include the sleek, modern kitchen and the spacious walk-in closet, which even has room for wall-mounted bicycle storage.

There’s more to the place than what’s inside, and the wraparound terrace is a real stunner. The 1,850-square-foot terrace (“one of the largest the city has ever seen,” boasts the listing) also includes its own rooftop putting green. In fact, the outdoor living space is expansive and amazing, offering sky-high views and a pretty enviable place to hang out and chill.



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For more info on the home, contact Karyn Filiatrault.

Photos courtesy of My Home Viewer.



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