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The Best Cooling Mattresses to Keep You Comfortable All Year Long

A young woman sleeping with her face mask on
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We all know getting a good night’s sleep is essential to our health and well-being. There’s nothing better than waking up rested and refreshed, but sometimes that’s hard to do. That’s particularly true in the warmer months when the temperature climbs and bedrooms heat up, but for hot sleepers, getting a comfortable sleep can be challenging all year long.


Studies have shown that body temperature affects your sleep quality, and heat exposure can increase your wakefulness throughout the night. That’s where a good cooling mattress can be a sleep-saver. Cooling mattresses come with temperature-regulating technology for your best sleep every night of the year, whether you’re a hot sleeper or dealing with the elements.

If you’re ready to upgrade your mattress, we’ve curated a list of the best cooling mattresses in Canada. From specialized technology to gels and memory foams, here are our top picks in 2024.

Cooling mattress
Emma Sleep

Emma Hybrid Premium Mattress

Our top cooling mattress pick of 2024 is the Emma Hybrid Premium Plus Mattress. The unique Thermosync foam technology dissipates heat and controls temperature for the perfect sleep, night after night. This hybrid mattress also offers total motion isolation so you can sleep even if your partner is tossing and turning, plus ergonomic zones and extra pressure relief for total spinal support.

The Emma is also breathable, cool to touch, and offers a unique floating sensation that delivers an overall restorative sleep experience. Take advantage of the 365-night trial, and rest assured that this mattress will last with its 10-year warranty.

Emma Hybrid Premium Mattress, Queen, on sale for $869.

Cooling mattress

Casper Snow Mattress

This mattress is specifically designed to keep you five degrees cooler at night with a system of branded cooling features. The Snow Technology uses HeatDelete Bands and Phase Change Materials, along with a CoolTouch Cover, to cool you down. It’s also designed to encourage airflow and provides three ergonomic zones with springs and foam to support your spine during the deepest of sleeps.

Casper Snow Mattress, Queen, $2,999.


Cooling mattress

Hush Graph-Iced Cooling Mattress

Hush’s cooling mattress is built with six layers, including the IcedShift Cooling Band and a vented transition layer, which work together to keep you cool and comfy all night long. Other layers help deliver a zero-motion transfer experience for light sleepers. This medium-to-plush mattress is ideal for side and stomach sleepers and is made from certified, non-toxic materials.

Hush Graph-Iced Cooling Mattress, Queen, $2,099.

Cooling mattress with sheets

Nectar Premier Copper Mattress

This triple-action cooling mattress is specifically designed for hot sleepers and those who need extra support, making it a solid choice for anyone who dreams of a firm sleep. The ActiveCool technology reacts to your body temperature, regulating your sleep as you fluctuate throughout the night. These mattresses also have a 365-night trial and a “forever warranty.”

Nectar Premier Copper Mattress, Queen, $1,399.

Cooling mattress

GhostBed Luxe Mattress

The company bills this mattress as “the coolest bed in the world” because of its patented cooling technology. The medium-firm mattress features contouring memory gel and bouncy foam to give it a “spring-like” feel, with dense base layers that offer extra support. The GhostBed is designed for those who rest on their sides and backs, and features a low-motion build for couples and light sleepers.

GhostBed Luxe Mattress, Queen, $4,095.

Cooling mattress with woman laying on top
Logan Cove

Logan & Cove Frontier Hybrid Mattress

Thousands of micro coils, specialized cooling foam and a plush Euro-top combine for a luxury night’s sleep with this hybrid mattress. It’s cushioned to be comfortable but supportive enough to relieve pressure while you rest. It’s also breathable and motion isolating, and comes with a 15-year warranty.

Logan & Cove Frontier Hybrid Mattress, Queen, $1,299.


Cooling mattress

Octave Horizon Mattress

Octave’s medium-firm cooling mattress is made from copper-infused memory foam and cooling gel that keeps things chill and breathable overnight. The cover also features CryoFusion technology with extra cooling nanofibers for an even more refreshing sleep. Below, a multi-zone support foam with air channels grounds this mattress, keeping the air flowing and moisture at bay.

Octave Horizon Mattress, Queen, $1,499.

Cooling mattress
Silk & Snow

Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress

Although this hybrid mattress isn’t advertised as a cooling mattress, it includes a cooling fabric cover and cooling gel-infused memory foam to help regulate your temperature as you sleep. This mattress also uses pocket coils to absorb motion throughout the night and keep you from waking up, and it comes with zoned coil support for a more supportive sleep.

Silk and Snow Hybrid Mattress, Queen, $900.

Cooling mattress

Polysleep Zephyr Mattress

This 12-inch mattress features two cooling technologies, KulKote and GelFlex Plus, plus a breathable cover that cools your body down on hot nights and keeps you warm in the winter. Meanwhile, the hybrid foam technology adapts to your body and shape, helping you achieve those deeper Zsss all night long.

Polysleep Zephyr Mattress, Queen, $2,545.

Cooling mattress
Serta/Sleep Country

Serta iCool Eco 2 Mattress

Support meets cooling technology with this 12.5-inch hybrid foam mattress from Serta. It’s designed to regulate your body temperature overnight while easing pressure points, delivering premium comfort and breathability. This mattress also contains antimicrobial properties to keep it fresh for longer, offers edge-to-edge support, and includes a memory foam component made from 30 per cent plant-based materials.

Serta iCool Eco 2 Mattress, Queen, $2,499.



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