The Expandables

World War Three S01 E05

With just two bedrooms and one bathroom, Tessa and Phil's house was NOT big enough for them and their son and daughter. Rob and Mia find some absolutely fascinating solutions.

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Leave It To Bryan

Reviving the Roost S04 E19

When Susie and Louie move in to Susie’s childhood home, they have strong ideas about how Bryan can make the space their own.

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Property Virgins

Commitmentphobia S11 E16

Picky Myna admits she's afraid of commitment, but she’s finally ready to buy a home of her own — a budget-friendly maintenance-free pad.

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Timber Kings

A Big Deal S02, E03

Joel pulls out all the stops, hoping his contract for four cabins in Michigan will land Pioneer an order for sixteen more

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House of Bryan

Absence Makes the Reno Grow Longer S03 E09

The Baeumler family takes the kids away for Spring break, but learns a hard lesson - when Bryan’s away, Mother Nature will play.

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