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Top 5 Friday: Trends and Styles in Window Coverings

I took a bit of a break from serious trend roundups in the last couple of weeks, I'll admit it. I had a lot of judgment pent up in me for some reason, so I did some cathartic unloading on a few unsuspecting decor items. It was fun though, and I'm good as new -- ready to get back at it! And back at...

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Nate Berkus Shares Styling Tips & His Most Shocking Decor

As if the opening of Target in Canada wasn't enough to look forward to, I'll sweeten the deal with a little designer intel: the Nate Berkus Collection for Target will be making the trek north of the border, too! (Cue my desire to redecorate.)     The Nate Berkus Collection for Target...

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A Decorator Dishes: Top 5 Colour Trends to Wrap Up Colour Month

If you haven't done it already, it's time to say good-bye to boring beige. 2012 is going to be a big year for colour. From subdued and chic to bright and bold, here are five of my favourite colour trends that are easy to incorporate into your own home.About Laura Stein Interiors:Laura Stein is an...

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Summer Home Window Treatments

There are many considerations when selecting the window treatment that will work best for your summer home.   Do you require... Privacy? Light control: blackout for sleeping? Filtering for watching TV? Decorative: to add drama? Colour? Texture? Then you have to think about...


Glen Peloso to the Rescue: A Blackout Blinds Injustice!

Oh lordy. I hate to hear people get the short end of the stick when it comes to new-builds... Why are so many service providers in the home industry so troublesome? It's a good thing we've got Glen Peloso on Design Dilemma detail because he's nothing if not a bleeding heart.  Glen will sit and...

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Real People Living in Condos: Finding Shades for that Striking Wall of Windows

  When it finally came time to inhabit our empty, concrete condo, the first thing we did was prop up cardboard moving boxes against our wall of floor-to-ceiling windows. The makeshift cardboard blinds provided privacy, sure, but after a week of picking them up off the floor every time someone...

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Top 5 Friday: Five Simple Ways to Freshen Up Any Interior

  In the paper recently, a whole page was devoted to asking people what for them was the first sign of spring -- me, I start buying pretty vintage stuff I don't need (more so than usual.) I don't care how timeless your furniture or how good your self control, once that fresh spring air...

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Redecorating Tips

Lifestyle If the way you live in your home as changed - perhaps a family member has moved in, a baby has arrived, children have left home, or even switching jobs (perhaps bringing the need for a home office) - it's a new opportunity to address your home's decor and renovate to better suit your...


A Beginner’s Guide to Flipping Houses

Patience goes a long way in gymnastics. You need effort, stamina, charisma, a willingness to bend over backwards-and you better believe you're going to sweat. Those frontward, rearward, sideways and upside down flips might look easy, but they certainly don't come easy.   But leave the leotards...

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HGTV Original Home Tour: Gracious Living in North Toronto

Who: Shaw Media's very own SVP of Content, Barbara Williams, husband Chris Dossett, owner of a commercial construction company, and their three kids and two cats.   Where: Located in a family-friendly North Toronto neighbourhood.   Barbara Williams in her North Toronto kitchen....

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