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Late Summer Vegetables

Did you let May and June slip by without planting any vegetables in your garden? It's not too late to enjoy a backyard bounty of veggies and herbs which, if planted in July or August, can be enjoyed well into autumn. Mid-Summer Smarts You can't plant just anything in the middle of summer; the...


Growing Vegetables Indoors

Vegetable seeds used to be hard to come by during the winter months, but more garden centres are carrying them throughout the year now. Maybe there are more indoor vegetable gardeners out there than I know about. Temperature, pollination and lighting are certainly key issues when planning your...


The Easiest 10 Vegetables to Grow

Nothing beats the taste of veggies picked fresh from the garden. When planning your garden, remember that most vegetables require a minimum of 6 hours of direct sun. Veggies need well-drained, rich soil. Before you plant, improve the condition of your soil by working compost into the top 20 to 30 cm...


Book Giveaway: No Guff Vegetable Gardening -- If THIS Doesn't Sway You, You're Lost

I see these books and my impulse is to admit defeat: I am hopeless in the garden. But after I sit with the idea, I realize my household is not completely ignorant of backyard vegetable gardening.  My husband plants a little patch of arugula and chives every year (mostly to feed raccoons and...

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Moodboard: Thanksgiving

Longing for a Thanksgiving that doesn't look like the one your mother always throws? Not impressed with paper napkins decorated with plump feathered turkeys and overflowing cornucopias? Me too.    Image via Apartment Therapy   I'll be the first to admit that the traditional...

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Art To Satisfy Your Appetite

What do a foodie and an art lover hang on their walls? These delicious looking prints that work perfectly in a kitchen.   From delicious dishes to quirky classic prints, these pieces will satisfy your creative cravings.   For a Chic Chef Who can resist this fanciful vintage print of...

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Autumn Gardens

Summer might be a distant memory, but that doesn't mean that your days of gardening are numbered. There's plenty you can do to prepare your garden for the harsh winter ahead and to keep it colourful and looking the best on the block. These tips will tell you how. Pass The Time Fall is the perfect...


Inspiration to Counter the August Garden Blues

Gardening in late summer/early fall brings challenges such as fatigue, disinterest, burnout and, yes, even laziness. These hurdles are not by any means insurmountable, but they can feel overwhelming at times. What can help to overcome this is inspiration, which keeps us motivated (and perhaps it...

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Mood Board for a Children’s Playroom

Need to create a functional playroom for children? Good news: You do not need to compromise on design when making the environment fun. Read on for a Mood Board to show you how. Detail, fun and functional children's playroom in the home of Sara Hicks Malone (full image below). Photo via Design...

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DIY: Edible Plants for Any Household Space, No Matter the Size Restriction!

It's not a new idea, but it sure is a keeper: grow edible plants at home, in an easy-to-maintain container. Feed you and yours, all season long, with this simple, practical, lesser-known approach. Better still, you can start small; you don't need much space. Simply, start up an edible planter...

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