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Design Dilemma with Carson Arthur: Solutions for Shallow Soil

Sadly, as summer leaves us, we'll be drawing our landscaping Design Dilemmas to a close. Our gracious landscape expert and host of HGTV's Green Force, Carson Arthur, deserves some time off. On behalf of the blog and I would like to extend a big thanks for all of his helpful suggestions and...

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Gardening Advice: Re-Using Soil?

Question: "At the end of the growing season, what do you do with the soil in your balcony containers? Can it be re-used?" Answer: I'm all for recycling and I have been reusing my container "soil" for years. The only time I don't reuse it is if the soil in the container is densely...

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Improving Your Soil

Getting and keeping good soil is the most important ingredient in a successful garden and will do more to make plants grow and thrive than any other gardening technique. Whether soil is defined as 'good' or not depends mainly on its composition, texture and the nutrients it contains.  Soil...


Can Fall Leaves Be Harmful to Your Health?

Gregor Campbell, (47), Paisley, Scotland. Aspergillosis sufferer. Photo courtesy of  Gardeners beware: fall is synonymous with crisp weather and colourful leaves but for those with asthma and respiratory problems, or a weak immune system, a danger lurks in those golden leaf...

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Are Gardening-Related Injuries More Common than We Thought?

 By: Iris Benaroia   Most of us don't worry about hurting ourselves while pruning the peonies. Yet each year when the weather starts to warm up, chiropractor Kristina Peterson sees the inevitable gardening-related injuries.  Peterson, who is the president of the Ontario...

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Mike Holmes on Holmes Makes it Right, Calgary, and Future Plans

After over 10 years on HGTV Canada, Mike Holmes shows no signs of slowing down in his efforts to change an industry and make-it-right. I got to  sit down with him to chat about the new episodes of Holmes Makes it Right, which kicks off tonight at 9pm. But, in the Q&A below, Mike also shared...

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DIY Vertical Frame Garden

  Not only do vertical gardens look great but they're super practical - perfect for small outdoor spaces! Who said gardens need to be planted in the ground? Materials: Large selection of succulents Potting or cactus soil Old frame Spray paint in colour of your choice Clear coat spray paint...

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Surprising Home Remedies For Garden Squirrels

Half eaten tomatoes, tiny nibbles on leaves and waning flowers - it's all the work of pesky squirrels ruining your garden. Squirrels are among the most difficult pests to control. They're curious, sneaky and smart, and are often not deterred by traditional pest-control methods. To get rid of them...

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5 Factors to Consider in Order to Avoid Having a Disaster Deck

We get calls from homeowners all the time who find themselves in the unfortunate position of having a "disaster deck." There are several reasons for the deterioration of their back yard living spaces that we see often. One of the most common problems troubled deck owners have is that they did not...


Create a Garden on a Condo Deck

Most condo owners live in a concrete jungle with nary a lawn in site. Although your balcony isn't rooted in soil, you can still plant a garden to bring in some green. All it takes is getting crafty and creative with nifty ideas to create the flourishing condo deck garden that you deserve.  ...

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