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The Best Lighting For Every Room

If you're in the dark about how to choose the proper lighting for each room in your home, read on. Pick the right light fixtures with these tips and watch your space shine like never before.     The Kitchen It's essential to give this household hotspot enough illumination. Pendant...


LED Lights: Lighting Our Future

Lights via:   Talk about LED lights has increased so much over the last five years, it's easy to forget that this brilliant piece of technology has been around for more than 50 years - yes, half a century! And we've been enjoying it in our daily lives for...


6 Ways to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal with Outdoor Lighting

  Have you ever driven passed a house at night and been impressed by how lovely it looked? There is nothing like soft pools of light along a pathway or a warmly lit porch to infuse a sense of welcome and make your house stand out from the crowd. Well-chosen outdoor lighting can significantly...


Lighting Trends for Spring

Now that spring is here (officially at least) and the world is starting to dress itself in colour, I thought it might be appropriate to explore some new colourful lighting possibilities from the world of design. I'll take the tack I as a consumer find most instructive when assessing the relative...

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Buying Guide: Exterior Lighting

Soho pendant light via MarsetNight lighting is a relatively new phenomenon in society: only in the 20th century did readily available electricity "illuminate" our days past the usual 14-16 hours to ones that could last for 24. This newfound freedom sparked a massive cultural shift, but it also came...


LED Interior Lighting? Samantha Pynn Approves!

Yesterday I attended an event for Philips LED interior bulbs, hosted by the lovely Samantha Pynn. Sam, as we know, is the face of Pure Design, the show that subtly encourages eco-conscious decor choices. But if you know Sam, you know it's never at the cost of looking fabulous! All the...

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How to Install Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting fixtures (or pot lights as we like to call them) are a popular choice for a lot of homeowners. There are many different types of pot lights depending on the space, location and look that you're going for - including low voltage and LED. If you're building new, they are much simpler...

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How To Install Under Cabinet Lighting

If you need more light on your countertops, or you want to add a bit of ambiance without always using the overhead lighting, under cabinet lighting is a great option to have in the kitchen. In an ideal situation, a switched circuit is run prior to the installation of the cabinets - this makes adding...

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