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Gardening Advice: Starting an Indoor Herb Garden

Question: "I live in a high-rise apartment and am thinking about starting an indoor herb garden (basil, Italian parsley) in the fall. Is there anything I should know about timing of planting, if it's going to be exclusively indoors?" Answer: You can grow many herbs satisfactorily...

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Gardening Advice: Taking Herbs Indoors?

Question: "I have taken herbs into the house in the fall many times but they do not seem to do well. Can you tell me what would assist me to keep them for use in my kitchen all winter? I'm particularly interested in different types of basil, rosemary, thyme, oregano, bay leaf and sage."...

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Gardening Advice: Should I Grow My Herbs Inside or Out?

Question: "I am trying to grow herbs. Tried the seeds, but they all died. Would it be better to grow them outside then bring them in for the winter?" Answer: Most herbs, particularly annuals (they grow and produce seed in one year and do not come back every year) can be grown easily...

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Floral Centrepiece: Potted Herbs

This earthy centrepiece not only looks sophisticated but gives you fresh herbs all season long. You will need: Fresh potted herbs (rosemary, thyme, basil) Potting soil Potting gravel Small plant pot Garden trowel Pebbles (optional) This...


Fresh Herb Ring

This herb ring will add a magnificent scent to your kitchen, decor to your walls, and free up counter space once taken by store-bought bottled herbs. Materials: 1 wire ring in desired size 15 feet of 26 gauge green wiring Assortment of herbs - parsley, sage, thyme, oregano, basil and arugula...

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