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DIY Planters

Spruce up your backyard with these DIY gilded planters.

15 Veggie Scraps to Grow

Turn the scraps of these 15 veggies into a leafy, edible garden.

5 Remedies for Pests

Try these natural home remedies to ward off garden pests.

10 Tips for Small Gardens

Don't let a small, city space cramp your garden style.

Kid-Friendly Garden Advice

Want to get your kids involved in the garden? Read on.


Pick Makeover-Worthy Plants

Pick Makeover-Worthy Plants

Pick out the perfect plants for a rooftop deck container garden.

How to Plant Herb Gardens

How to Plant Herb Gardens

Learn how to plant and maintain a healthy herb container garden.

Gardening Inspiration

5 Gardening Tools

Bring your garden to life with these five fab tools.
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Garden Art 101

Dress up your garden with low-maintenance outdoor art.
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Make Your Garden Pollinator-Friendly

Find out how to plant a pollinator-friendly habitat.
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20 Gorgeous Flower Photos

Floral inspiration from HGTVCanada's Instagram account.
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5 Cute Gardening Tools

Do boring gardening tools make you feel blah? Reach for one (or all!) of these five fabulous finds to help bring your garden to life.  Shear Perfection These floral-print garden shears are sure to put a smile on your face when it's time to start cutting and clipping.  Floral...

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Container Gardening

The Designer Guys pick out the perfect plants for a rooftop deck container garden.


Summer Urban Gardening: Feeling the Heat? Plant a Tree

In many parts of the country, with summer bearing down on us, we seek the relative comfort of shade. I won't do the stereotypical do-si-do and complain about the weather; rather, I'll talk about a simple solution to urban summer heat: trees. They've been called the lungs of the earth - rightly so....

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A Perfect Mix: Kids and Gardening

There are countless ways in which gardening is beneficial to children. It's fun, healthy, educational and empowering. They might not realize its worth, but really, that's not the point. A young grower, deservedly proud of her wheatgrass. Photo by Jennifer Tibbitt. Few approaches to...

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Container Gardening Guide

Container gardening is for everyone, whether you live several stories up and your patch of paradise is a small balcony or if you tend a large country lot. Potted plants are easy to move around, so you can place them anywhere. You can even grow veggies and herbs in containers (look for varieties that...


Real People Living in Condos: Container Gardening

Condo living does not traditionally lend itself to certain, much loved summer activities -- Gardening being one of them. But urban density is on the rise and avid gardeners who happen to be condo-bound, are finding creative ways to do their thing on balconies, patios and even in window...

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Top 5 Friday: Trends in Gardening and Outdoor Decor

The Philadelphia International Flower Show is the go to place in North America to get a handle on gardening trends - indoors and out. This year the emerging trends I spotted have more to do with what's going on inside than outside.  Here's my Top 5 trend alert: Terrariums Terrariums at...

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Book Giveaway: No Guff Vegetable Gardening -- If THIS Doesn't Sway You, You're Lost

I see these books and my impulse is to admit defeat: I am hopeless in the garden. But after I sit with the idea, I realize my household is not completely ignorant of backyard vegetable gardening.  My husband plants a little patch of arugula and chives every year (mostly to feed raccoons and...

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Book Giveaway: New Encyclopedia of Gardening Techniques

The Stats Title: New Encyclopedia of Gardening Techniques, American Horticultural Society Price: $60 Availability: Now, in most bookstores. The Book This is the latest release from the American Horticultural Society, that gracious establishment which has been around since 1922,...

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Top 5 Friday: Autumn Gardening Tips

Although I live in a condo and don't have a garden, I feel for you burgeoning green thumbs with nothing to do when the weather turns chilly and frost warnings threaten to take away your hobby until spring. Because I suspect that you may have given up even looking for inspiration, I thought I'd take...

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