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DIY Planters

Spruce up your backyard with these DIY gilded planters.

15 Veggie Scraps to Grow

Turn the scraps of these 15 veggies into a leafy, edible garden.

5 Remedies for Pests

Try these natural home remedies to ward off garden pests.

10 Tips for Small Gardens

Don't let a small, city space cramp your garden style.

Kid-Friendly Garden Advice

Want to get your kids involved in the garden? Read on.


Pick Makeover-Worthy Plants

Pick Makeover-Worthy Plants

Pick out the perfect plants for a rooftop deck container garden.

How to Plant Herb Gardens

How to Plant Herb Gardens

Learn how to plant and maintain a healthy herb container garden.

Gardening Inspiration

5 Gardening Tools

Bring your garden to life with these five fab tools.
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Garden Art 101

Dress up your garden with low-maintenance outdoor art.
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Make Your Garden Pollinator-Friendly

Find out how to plant a pollinator-friendly habitat.
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20 Gorgeous Flower Photos

Floral inspiration from HGTVCanada's Instagram account.
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Container Gardening Guide

Container gardening is for everyone, whether you live several stories up and your patch of paradise is a small balcony or if you tend a large country lot. Potted plants are easy to move around, so you can place them anywhere. You can even grow veggies and herbs in containers (look for varieties that...


Real People Living in Condos: Container Gardening

Condo living does not traditionally lend itself to certain, much loved summer activities -- Gardening being one of them. But urban density is on the rise and avid gardeners who happen to be condo-bound, are finding creative ways to do their thing on balconies, patios and even in window...

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Front Porch Makeover, Part 4: Choosing the Right Plants For Porch Appeal

Last month, tired of perpetually peeling paint and constant clutter, my husband and I decided to DIY a front porch makeover. The first step was literally the first step: The stairs needed a complete rebuild. Next, the exterior paint, selected in consultation with Valerie Clubine of Signature...

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Berry Happy: How to Grow the Sweetest Fruit

Berries are the epitome of summer: warm and sweet, highly nutritional, little packages of brightly coloured goodness. Though best eaten when picked from your own crop, if not consumed fresh, summer berries can grace your table in numerous delightful ways. I'm talking cobbler, grunt, fool, betty,...

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May is DIY & Small Projects Month!

I know you've looked at backsplashes and thought to yourself: I can do it. It's just tile and grout, for Pete's sake, can't I do it? Well I've seen the results of some of those thoughts, and the subsequent resolve to do it on one's own, and it usually looks like this: From Sarah's House, S1,...

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Real People Living in Condos: Urban Outdoor Space Envy

Summer is in full swing, and I have been soaking up every spare minute on our loft's spacious terrace. Being lucky enough to have such an outdoor space to call my own feels like a blessing (now), as most condo-dwellers are stuck with pocket-sized balconies or nothing at all. But when we were faced...

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Plant Profile: Impatiens

Impatiens A visit to your favourite garden center in the spring will say it all - Impatiens are a clear favourite for container gardening. An ideal choice for window boxes, hanging baskets and large borders, these cheerful, colourful flowers do well in the shade and are excellent spreaders....


Small City Gardens: It's Not the Size that Matters

We may all dream of having acres of land and enough leisure time to create a lush, magnificent garden oasis. Truth is, a lot of us live in the heart of an urban centre, complete with small cramped spaces and the bustling lifestyle that goes hand-in-hand with city life. We're not going to give up...


Gardening by the Sea

Climate is a factor every gardener needs to consider. From sunlight to rainfall, from plant hardiness to soil conditions, working with climate can determine whether the results of your gardening season will be blase or blooming. As lovely as living close to the ocean can be, coastal gardens...


DIY Painted Flower Box

 The countdown to garden season is on. This year, add a special touch, and a pop of colour to your windows or yard with one of these painted flower boxes. Follow this tutorial to make your own! Materials for a window box that is 14.5"W x 9"D x 7.5"H:. You will need a piece of wood that is...

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