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The Best Paint Colours for Every Room

 As an interior designer, one of THE most popular questions I regularly receive is "what paint colour is that?" Choosing a paint colour can be totally overwhelming, which is why after 10 years of being in the design business, I cherish the discovery of a few go-to colours that never...

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Pantone Colour of the Year: Radiant Orchid

Pantone has released their colour of the year, and it's a deep, vibrant lilac, otherwise known as orchid (actually, truth be told I had to google it because 'orchid' meant nothing to me). It's a light, pinky purple, that despite its name, is decidedly NOT a wallflower.    Though many are...

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4 Holiday Colour Schemes to Match Your Style

Anyone with a love for design has at one point balked at the red-and-green Christmas palette. Of course it's audacious to publicly questions tradition, but the truth of the matter is, we've been flirting with holiday colour combos that span the colour wheel, for decades! Let's be real: certain...


Choosing A Sofa Colour Beyond White or Grey

Dear reader, This is in regards to your sofa. We know that a white or grey sofa is what the decor industry prescribes. We know how the advice goes. "your sofa is the largest piece in the room. Don't overwhelm the room with a brightly coloured sofa," or, "a sofa is a commitment, you'll get sick of...


How to Choose a Ceiling Paint Colour that Isn't White

 Flat white ceilings are the overwhelming norm in our homes, but more and more people want to see colour on their ceilings - and for good reason. Treating a ceiling as a fifth wall can add sizzle to an ordinary space, reinforce design objectives and create anything from subtle to dramatic...


How Colour Can Make Us Happy

 Colour can make our hearts beat faster, make us feel uptight, or envelop us with a feeling of gladness. When we see colour, the information makes a beeline to our brain's amygdala - the epicentre of our emotional response. As children, we reacted to colours instinctively and likely expressed...


Summer Colour Trends for Garage Doors

Do your garage doors need a pick-me-up after a long, harsh winter? Painting them is the perfect summer renovation project, but there are a few things you should know before you pick a shade. Garage doors should blend in visually with the rest of your home's exterior, so it's best to save the bright...

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