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Top 10 Friday: DIYs Around Mom's House -- 10 Thoughtful Ideas She'll Love!

Why shop? Why not just take your able self over to mom's house and do, instead? Whether your mom lives alone or with a partner, there is always a list. The list I'm referring to details things around the house that bother mom -- things that have been languishing on the to-do list for months, years...

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Freehold vs. condo

Condos can be a great choice for many people, including first-time buyers looking to get into the market and build equity. A condo unit can be a good starting point since it is usually less expensive to own and carry than a traditional house. Condos can also be the right decision for people making...


A Gulden Villas for a View

A medical professional and his flight attendant wife attempt to check out of their hectic daily routines by escaping to the Jersey Shore. Relaxation, no yard work, a fireplace and a great kitchen are on the wish list in Villas.


Bryan Reid Jr.

Timber King, Bryan Reid Jr. was born, quite literally, to work in the log home building business. The son of Pioneer patriarch, Bryan Reid Sr., Jr. was helping his dad in the work yard in his early teens.


Mormons Canvass Home; Give Back by Gardening

 Image courtesy of puppiesmakemelol via By Alexandra Voyage A reddit user recently snapped this picture of Mormon missionaries helping her mom tend to her growing plants. The obliging duo was going door-to-door when they picked up some garden tools and got to work in this...

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17 Facts About The Timber Kings

Pioneer Log Homes of British Columbia is the largest builder of handcrafted log homes in the world. Based in Williams Lake, BC, the company is 40 years old and has 120 employees working at three construction yards and one office. Pioneer is a family business with three generations spread across...


Mood Board: Seaside Palette

The best thing about summer entertaining is that it is usually a casual affair. Backyard barbecues, beach side clambakes and picnics in the park come to mind. It doesn't take a lot of effort to make your table look great either.     Via Ditte Isager   A seaside palette is perfect...

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Surprising Home Remedies For Garden Squirrels

Half eaten tomatoes, tiny nibbles on leaves and waning flowers - it's all the work of pesky squirrels ruining your garden. Squirrels are among the most difficult pests to control. They're curious, sneaky and smart, and are often not deterred by traditional pest-control methods. To get rid of them...

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Leave it to Bryan: Outdoor Oasis

  As featured in the May 27th issue of Maclean's  Written by Bryan BaeumlerEdited by Chris Daniels   Inspired homeowners continue to push the boundaries of outdoor living. In an uncertain economy when people are staying home more, they're eager to maximize every square foot of their...

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Home Tour: A Modern Rustic Retreat

Who: Anya Shor and Manny Neubacher, The Art Stylists and owners/directors of Neubacher Shor Contemporary, partners in life and business, along with their two small children, Raphaela (11 months) and Simone (4.5 years). Manny Neubacher and Anya ShorWhat: A 1500 square foot rural three-bedroom...

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