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How To Paint your Ceiling a Colour (Other than White)

 Take advantage of the fifth wall. Are your ceilings and walls still boring builder's white? You're missing out. Not only can adding colour to your walls inject some personality and life into a bland room but painting your ceiling quite literally takes your decor to new heights. But before...


All Things White

Making a commitment to an apartment while you save for a condo doesn't mean your furnishings and decor can't be suited for both. With updated styles and fabrics, practical storage solutions and flexible solutions for working at home, we'll create a look that will travel well in the future, but feel...


Hot Colour Trend: Neon is the New White

 While it may sound scary or juvenile, neon accents can look quite fashionable and add a touch of the unexpected to a room. Using super bright shades can actually transform a space much faster and with less work than redesigning and reimagining a whole new colour palette. Neons are an easy fit...

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