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Scott vs. Water Tank

Scott McGillivray tests his strength with a 600lb hot water tank...


Design Student Makes Tap Water Flow Like Art

A design student at London's prestigious Royal College of Art has come up with an extraordinary new invention that not only turns a water faucet into a trippy adventure in H2O art but also conserves water while doing it. Behold Swirl, a new faucet created by Simon Qiu, who hopes his innovative...

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How to Garden: Haven't You Always Wanted a Water Feature?

By: Veronica SlivaI'm really ticked at the marauding raccoon that is trying to help himself to the fish in my pond. Which got me thinking.even though raccoons are a pain, no outdoor space should be without a bit of water -- it's worth the aggravation. In fact, in recent years, water features have...

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