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High Water

In the aftermath of the worst flood in Alberta's history, Mike Holmes travels to High River to help one family pick up the pieces of their damaged home, and discovers the true meaning of reliance in the process...


Scott vs. Water Tank

Scott McGillivray tests his strength with a 600lb hot water tank...


Design Student Makes Tap Water Flow Like Art

A design student at London's prestigious Royal College of Art has come up with an extraordinary new invention that not only turns a water faucet into a trippy adventure in H2O art but also conserves water while doing it. Behold Swirl, a new faucet created by Simon Qiu, who hopes his innovative...

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How to Garden: Haven't You Always Wanted a Water Feature?

By: Veronica SlivaI'm really ticked at the marauding raccoon that is trying to help himself to the fish in my pond. Which got me thinking.even though raccoons are a pain, no outdoor space should be without a bit of water -- it's worth the aggravation. In fact, in recent years, water features have...

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The Green Geek 3: Water-Wasting Facts and Energy-Saving Solutions

It's Wednesday and you know what that means... a new episode of The Green Geek with Julia Black of Pure Design. We've already learned about gas emissions and VOCs and upcycling and reusable decor; this week it's all about conserving water and saving energy. Julia reveals some startling facts -- for...

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