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Tiling Crackdown

With family on its way for a wedding, can Bryan help this do it yourself woman finish this two year Reno before Bernice's family arrives to the nightmare they where told was already done.


Mike Holmes on Tiling

Photo Credit: Alex Schuldt, The Holmes Group Floors account for more surface area than anything else in a home, other than walls and ceilings. They set the tone for living spaces, including kitchens, bathrooms and main traffic areas, like the entrances to homes. And tiling can add a lot to those...


LESSON 4: Tiling

Bryan shows how to tile with ceramic.


Tiling Crackdown

Nicole has no where to turn- her mother Bernice has been dry fitting tiles and wrapping the shower in cellophane as she attempted to do it all herself over the last two years.  Bernice really wants to do it herself, but her fear of doing anything wrong has halted the kitchen and bathroom...


Inside Kate Middleton’s Multi Million Palace Renovations

  Oh, you lavish royals! Across the pond, the British press has raked the Duchess of Cambridge, aka Kate Middleton, over the coals (or perhaps more accurately, over the AGA cooker) for recent excesses in renovations.   According to reports, the refurbishment of the Cambridges' 21-room...

Blog Post

The Inside Scoop on the Best Season to Sell Your Home

Common belief has held that the best time to sell a home is in the spring, and the best time to buy is in the fall. Although there is merit to this argument, not everything can be so definitive and concrete. There are so many variables at play that all must be weighed before jumping into the real...


Shower Installations

From insulation to tiling, key advice and insight on how to install a shower the right way, the first time.


Mike Holmes’s Tricks of the Trade: Baseboards & Flooring Transitions

Bending Baseboards:Not all walls are straight. So when we add baseboards to curved walls they need to bend too. But you can't take a 3/8 piece of wood and bend it naturally. So what a pro will do is make a series of cuts along the back of the baseboard. These cuts are called back cuts. And not only...

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