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How to Maximize Your Selling Potential During Winter

  Some say winter is the worst time to sell a home. Given the cold and stormy weather we have been experiencing, there are definitely challenges, but don't be discouraged. First impressions and lasting impressions are key to progress potential buyers into active buyers. Be very wary as the...


4 Tips to Selling Your Home Without a Real Estate Agent

     Moving can be a costly endeavour - but you can offset some of those costs by going the DIY route.   You may have already decided to do the heavy lifting on moving day yourself. You may have also already opted to throw your own elbow grease into slicking the walls with a...

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A Mood Board for Selling: Wow House Hunters with the Perfect Entryway!

It's definitely house hunting season out there. It seems like "For Sale" signs are popping up all over our neighbourhood and I'll admit, I've been known to visit open houses when I'm not actively looking, because the temptation is just too great to resist. Better Homes and Gardens; ...

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Selling: To Stage or Not to Stage...

Staging is a dirty word to designers. Whenever I hear the term, I think of stripping out every last shred of personality and warmth in a home - not a house, a home - and replacing it with a pleather-infected, sterile box. I imagine walls being painted in coffee colours, and red being used as an...

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April is Buying & Selling Month!

Got the fever? Spring is not just for lusting after the cottage, pining for patio season and getting blinded by early leg exposure on the street: it's also for Real Estate. I capitalize because to me, Real Estate is a full discipline. A phenomenon that's inextricable from household...

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New Shows Sarah 101, Design DNA; New Seasons Selling New York, Dear Genevieve

Our biggest, newest winter schedule ever began last night with new seasons of My First Place and Marriage Under Construction. What did you think of Matt and Kate, our MUC couple for 2011? I look forward to following their journey as we get to know them better throughout the season. Today is a big...

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Golden Nuggets from Live Blogging Bonanza: What Scott, Sandra, Tatiana and Selling New York Agents Revealed!

Last week we had us some good times indeed!  We live blog select episodes of select shows, and often invite the host or show personalities to drop in for a little Q&A -- LIVE! With Real Estate being one of your favourite topics -- the numbers don't lie -- we decided to mark the end of the...

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Live Blogging Tonight, 9pm ET: Selling New York, Ep. 12, with Core CEO, Shaun Osher!

I don't know, something about watching the ever-cool-and-collected, mildly accented CEO of Core Real Estate on the tube, and then having him casually chat with us right here on, gives me the funs! (Fun, plural.)  Shaun Osher, the said CEO joined us here for last week's episode...

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