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Win a Signed Copy of Sarah Richardson’s New Book

Sarah Richardson is one busy bee with a new show in production (Sarah's building a new cottage), a new fabric line, a collection of stationary and greeting cards, and now a new book!  HGTV Canada's beloved design star is sharing her expertise and knowledge in her latest creation, Sarah Style....

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Sarah Richardson’s Holiday Tips for 2012

The lovely Sarah Richardson was recently in our Toronto studios co-hosting The Morning Show, and after an early morning that started on-air at 6:00am ET, Sarah and I met up to chat about all things holiday. And despite just coming off a three-hour morning show (which anyone who has ever worked on a...

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Discuss: Sarah 101, Season 2, Epi 13&14

The finale of Season 2 of Sarah 101 ended with the complete makeover of a bachelor loft, followed by a baby nursery reinvented into a safari adventure. I was thoroughly entertained (and taking notes) with Sarah and Tommy's crafty ways in their effort to be resourceful and fiscally responsible, yet...

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