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Create a Calming Blue Bedroom

Genevieve tells how the right shade of blue can create a calming bedroom.


A Young Police Officer Buys Her First Home and Renovates it with the Help of Her Family

Miggy, a police diver with Homeland Security, is ready to move out of her parents' La Palma, CA home and into a place of her own.


Updated, Functional Kitchen

Genevieve offers tips to update a kitchen and make it more functional.


Triple Deck Threat

John DeSilvia takes on the monumental task of rescuing three decks, each one more dangerous than the last.


Moving Out of the In-Laws and Into a Renovation

Jeff, Stephanie and their three young children have moved in with his parents while they look for a place of their own near Port Chester, New York.


High School Sweethearts Buy A Home That Tests Their Reno Skills

Tyler and Kelley are ready to upgrade from apartment living. It takes over two months, but when the renovation is complete, these two have a home that they can truly call their own.


Tiny Bedroom Goes Romantic

Genevieve shares tips to make a tiny bedroom feel spacious and romantic.


What Lies Beneath

Host John DeSilvia has to work quickly to secure an extension pulling away from the original structure. It's ready to come down, and the safety of the family is in John's hands.


Leaning Tower of Paris

Host John DeSilvia meets a mother whose life savings was taken by a contractor who failed to deliver. What starts as a kitchen renovation turns to a tear down as he realizes just how bad the last contractor's work was.


A Young Couple's Hands-On Renovation Still Blows The Budget

Rachael and Ryan are ready to start a family, so they need to get out of their cramped 900 square foot rental and into their first home.

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