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Harsh Renovation Realities in France

A recent inheritance is allowing Carolyn and Tom to fulfill their lifelong dream of buying a vacation home in France...


Goodbye Renting Worldwide, Hello Renovating in Brussels

Tired of renting, the Manassehs want to find a family home they can make their own in Brussels...


A Unique Renovation in Johannesburg, South Africa

House Hunters International plunges into a mammoth undertaking in Johannesburg, South Africa...


Building a New Beginning in Majorca, Spain

Two children's books writers are about to take their creativity to a new level. The desire to expose their children to different cultures has brought them to Majorca, Spain...


Tackling an Italian Renovation before the Wedding Bells Ring

In Italy, Elisa and Giulio attempt to renovate their first home together before their wedding day...


Renovate Once, Shame on You, Renovate Twice, Shame on Me

The Davies dive into a renovation with only the help of a Project Manager whose workers have to do everything twice to get it right in Amsterdam, the Netherlands...


Bringing a Classic Back to Life in Serbia

Will and Drew search for a renovation project in Stara Moravica, Serbia...


Top 10 Unique Requests

Take a look at the most unique requests homeowners came up with on House Hunters: Renovation.


Top 10 Renovated Master Suites

The top 10 best master suites from House Hunters Renovations are listed.


10 Biggest Transformations

The top 10 transformations from House Hunters Renovations are listed.

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