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From Spanish Fixer to Spanish Fantasy

Tom is an event planner who also loves renovating homes. His partner Claus has moved to Hollywood from Denmark to be with him and they are ready to buy a house together. Tom is very picky and knows exactly what he wants and is more than willing to put some work into a place. But Claus can't envision...


A New House, A New Baby And A New Room

Brendan and Hiwa, are first time homeowners and first time parents, who want to find a house to make it a home, in time for baby's arrival. With a limited budget and dreams of living near the beach, this couple has to make both their budget and their conflicting design styles work as they take on...


A shabby kitchen gets a part-modern, part-beachy overhaul

Beverly and Lester love the neighborhood they live in. Not only are there great activities nearby, but they also live within walking distance of Beverly's parents. The only catch is they've been living in a rental. Now they feel it's finally time to buy. They hope they can stay close...


Contemporary Kitchen With Charm and Craftsman Touches

This House Hunters couple is divided - Artist Lynell is all about style, but his tv producer wife Lise wants a home that functions for them. With a budget of $450,000, they're looking for a house with the Craftsman flair he likes, and Spanish style details for her. Finding that mix is a huge...


Turning an unlivable living room into a stylish, eclectic entertaining space

Ben and Mashanda are an artistic young couple looking for a house that offers them creative space and that matches their colorful, vintage style. Ben is a musician and Mashanda is an artist, so they'd each like their own separate studios in their new house. To get enough rooms in their price...


A Couple Has Trouble Finding and Renovating a Home to Combine Their Granny Chic and Modern Styles.

Married couple Fiona and Alex are ready to sell their condo and upgrade to a single family home. Fiona has her heart set on a place with charm and character, while Alex wants a clean and modern space. Since their styles differ so drastically, finding a house that suits both of their tastes is a...


Cape Cod Style With Wonderful Wood Detail

Vicky works for her family's architectural woodworking firm, and is looking for high end custom details in a home. When she and her husband Phil fail to find it during their house search, they take matters into their hands. Utilizing the skills of a movie set designer to give their living room a...


A suburban fixer gets a major Kitchen upgrade

Ever wonder what happens AFTER House Hunters choose? In House Hunters: Renovation, our buyers look for a new home that is anything but turnkey. Watch as they tour three potential homes and ultimately choose the one that's waiting for their special touch. Then stay as they renovate and...


A Master Suite's Transformed to Combine a Wife's Model Home Dream and Her Husband's Bohemian Flair.

Los Angeles, California couple Robert and Nathan are ready to upgrade from their small guest house and buy a place of their own. While they're excited to buy something, agreeing on what they want isn't easy; Robert wants a charming, granny chic vibe to their new house, while Nathan is all...


A Vacation Bungalow in the Hollywood Hills Undergoes Extensive Renovations.12

Ani and Allen have been dating for four years and both currently live at home with their parents. Instead of renting a place together, they have been living at home to save up money to buy a place of their own. They both want a traditional style place, but Allen wants to make sure it has some...

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