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Overcoming Obstacles

John and Randall are planning their upcoming wedding while also searching for a Charlotte-area home that will suit her special needs and their beloved service dog, Conway...


Reality Check

When their lease expired, Ryan, Kristin, and their three-year-old son moved in with her family. But the couple is desperate to find a home of their own with a modest budget...


Wedding Present

Christina and Bradley met online, fell in love, and now they're tying the knot. They're determined to find a suburban dream home in time for their big day...


Tall Order

Tired of his long commute and ready to take their relationship to the next level, Victoria and Jeff are looking for a fully loaded family-size home in one of Tampa's hottest neighbourhoods...


A New York State of Mind

Tired of high rent in Brooklyn, Terrance and Daniel want to relocate to North Carolina. Terrance is willing to pay top dollar, but Daniel is determined to save...



Single mom Allyson is looking for a new start in a Tampa home where she and her son Roman can put down roots. But an exhaustive checklist presents unique challenges...


Wants v.s. Needs

Recently engaged teachers Zack and Kristen are looking for a home that will make the grade. But they both have very different ideas about the kind of property that will get a pass...


Girl Power

Property expert Egypt Sherrod vows to help Lisa find the Tampa home of her dreams. But first she has to separate her wants from her needs...


Man-Cave Melodrama

Stephanie and Ryan are looking for a fully loaded home. While she's a high-maintenance property virgin, Ryan's only requirement is a man cave for himself...



Eager to put some space between him and his brother Eli, and with a handsome budget, property virgin Zak is looking for a sprawling bachelor pad they can share.

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