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Lynette and Rob

Lynette and Rob have been talking about buying their first home but their busy schedules won't allowed them time to do anything more than check out some websites. They want to start a family if this couple is going to have kids any time soon they're going to have to get serious about the property...


Rob and Marsha

Rob and Marsha have just relocated from the Cayman Islands to a big metropolitan city. With only six weeks left in corporate housing, Rob and Marsha are determined to find a condo that compliments their carefree lifestyle.


Jacquie and Blair

After six years of being in love Jacquie and Blair have decided that not only is now the right time to get married, it's also the time to buy their first house. But dealing with two such life changing events so close together is bound to cause a strain.



Yousuf, tired of living with his parents in suburbia, hopes to gain some independence by purchasing his first home. But turning that dream into reality is not that simple. With only $280,000 to spend, Yousuf hopes to cover his mortgage payments by splitting a property into a duplex and then renting...



Picky Myna admits she's afraid of commitment, but she's finally ready to buy a home of her own, and is now on the hunt for a budget-friendly maintenance-free pad.


Overcoming Obstacles

John and Randall are planning their upcoming wedding while also searching for a Charlotte-area home that will suit her special needs and their beloved service dog, Conway.


Third Round Knock Out

Desperate to move out of their cramped rental digs, feisty couple Tyler and Megan are on the hunt for a bigger home, and are prepared to fight for either a mancave or a home office.



Eager to put some space between him and his brother Eli, and with a handsome budget, property virgin Zak is looking for a sprawling bachelor pad they can share.


Man-Cave Melodrama

Stephanie and Ryan are looking for a fully loaded home. While she's a high-maintenance property virgin, Ryan's only requirement is a man cave for himself.


Head vs. Heart

After four years of marriage, Lawrence and Nadia are mapping out their future, and are looking for a sprawling home north of Charlotte where they can put down roots and start a family.

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