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Pet Project Priorities

Ray and Jennifer put in a pool two years ago but have yet to enjoy it due to Ray's half-baked projects. Sebastian shows Ray how to prioritize...


Planning for a Successful DIY Project

Sebastian Clovis shares how to plan for a successful DIY project...


Scott McGillivray Shares DIY Project for Daughter’s First Birthday

We may be used to seeing Scott McGillivray involved in a home reno or real estate project on Income Property, but it would appear he has a crafty side too. Although he touts that he's not usually known for his "crafting skills," he was willing to go the extra mile for his daughters.  When his...

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DIY Project: Ikea Desktop Edition

Home is where the heart is? More like home is where the office is. We spend more time perched at our desks than nestled in our cozy living rooms.   That's exactly why I put together a little DIY project featuring Ikea's best desktop essentials.   Click through for designer tips and DIY...

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Bargain Saturday: 5 No-Sew Projects to Do with Fabric This Weekend

I can't possibly be the only one with a lot of fabric hanging around my house. I do sew some things that I put to good use, occasionally. But, more often that not, I'm hoarding yards and yards of it for that future project that may or may not come. So, if you're like me and you need a little...

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