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Pushing For Privacy On Lake Of The Woods

It's House Hunters... with a tropical twist! Follow some lucky buyers who aren't just looking for a house, they're looking the ultimate getaway — their own private island! Follow families as they tour three separate islands, complete with vacation homes and gorgeous beachfronts....


The Privacy Deck

Selmin and Yasmin want to fill in their massive empty backyard with a deck big enough to accommodate their huge extended family. Their major request for Paul is to create enough privacy on a second story deck so the family can enjoy the outdoors without feeling like they’re on display. Paul...


Canadian Couple Seek Great Diving in Utilia

Mark and Jen search for their dream beach cottage with lots of privacy and great reef access in Utila.


Toronto Outraged Over Amazing “Boat” Treehouse

Image courtesy of Peter J. Thompson/National Post Toronto-based John Alpeza built his kids the backyard treehouse of their dreams but got an ugly wake-up call when he was told by the city to dismantle it. A general contractor, Alpeza invested three years in the 32m2 (108 square feet) cedar...

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Meet Sebastian Clovis of ‘Tackle My Reno’

  Elizabeth Rotstein: How was the overall experience of filming your first TV show, "Tackle My Reno?" Sebastian Clovis: It was exhilarating. It was a really fantastic experience. I always enjoy being challenged, and having new experiences. Building with the homeowner over my shoulder watching,...

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15 Thoughts that are Thought in Families Living with One Bathroom

 1. Privacy is a bourgeois luxury.  2. Why did I think simply closing the door was going to stop my children from coming in when I'm on the toilet?  3. Are they actually standing right outside the door, waiting for me to finish? I can't do this if I can hear them breathing. 4....

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5 Ways to Stay Cool in the Summer (AND Warm in the Winter!)

 It's hard to believe after the long winter we've endured, but soon it's going to get HOT. Now is the time to start planning ways to maintain optimal home comfort this summer. And coincidentally, many tips apply across seasonal changes. Here are five ways you can stay cool as a cucumber through...

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