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Powder Room With a Flair

Nicole proves that when it comes to restoring a ground floor powder room, it's better to leave it, clean it, and make it functional again.


Video Question of the Week: Is No First-Floor Powder Room a Deal Breaker?

Like all first-time buyers, when we were looking for a home we had a long, inflated list of 'must-haves' which we eventually had to eat.  When we finally met and fell in love with our dilapidated beauty, the list of things we said we absolutely could not do without looked like this:...

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The Powder Room

Episode: "The Powder Room," season 1  Whether your powder room is upstairs or down, grand or petite, formal or family friendly, I have a few guiding principles to ensure that, whatever the stature and whatever the theme, there's always a presentable place to powder one's nose....


15 Thoughts that are Thought in Families Living with One Bathroom

 1. Privacy is a bourgeois luxury.  2. Why did I think simply closing the door was going to stop my children from coming in when I'm on the toilet?  3. Are they actually standing right outside the door, waiting for me to finish? I can't do this if I can hear them breathing. 4....

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The Best Paint Colours for Every Room

 As an interior designer, one of THE most popular questions I regularly receive is "what paint colour is that?" Choosing a paint colour can be totally overwhelming, which is why after 10 years of being in the design business, I cherish the discovery of a few go-to colours that never...

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Wedding Woes

Danielle is delighted when she has the opportunity to redesign the kitchen, dining room and powder room in the home of her neighbours, Roger and Lisa.


The Best Lighting For Every Room

If you're in the dark about how to choose the proper lighting for each room in your home, read on. Pick the right light fixtures with these tips and watch your space shine like never before.     The Kitchen It's essential to give this household hotspot enough illumination. Pendant...

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