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Pets Using Toilets: The New Norm?

Image courtesy of   Years ago, my family enjoyed the absurd discovery of our cat using the toilet. No one had trained him (I hate to think how he learned from observation.) but one day, while puttering about the kitchen, my father heard the distinct sound of, well, the toilet...

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Pets on Furniture: Do or Don’t?

I've seen it time and time again: my friends design beautiful homes, fill those homes with gorgeous furniture and then sacrifice it all to their pets.     Is it wrong to invite an animal into your home, love it like a child, but deny it the right to enjoy their home the way you'd allow...

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Solutions For Pet Clutter

If the balls, toys, leashes, food, bowls, brushes, bedding and other pet supplies have become a bone of contention in your home, it's time to collar the chaos and organize so that your pets can have what they need and you regain control. Solve your pet peeves with the following tips: Give them their...


Question of the Week: Is Designer Pet Furniture Over the Top?

I was recently over at a friend's place and she is an animal lover who owns a couple of cats and a dog. As we made our way into her living room, I learned that she had just purchased some new furniture for her furry friends so that her own furniture would not get damaged by her pets. The cats had...

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