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June is Outdoor Living Month!

Hi there... Where are you? Are you...outside? Are you wearing...flip flops? I'm outside RIGHT NOW. Haha, ok no I'm not, but I'm longingly staring at outside through my office window, wishing I was there. You know what being deprived of your fill of outside gets you? An obsession with outside. Or...

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Countdown to the Interior Design Show: Outdoor Living

Let's face it, it's the middle of January and it's cold. I, like you, am looking ahead to 'spring' and all of its wonderful design collections. The development of outdoor living space is a growing trend in modern design. I suggest you take a peek at the following exhibitors on the IDS 2012 floor and...

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Makeover: From Empty Space to Outdoor Living/Dining Room

James and Michelle's backyard, before (the street is at the top right of the photo at left) Designer Kelly Deck's talents are on full display in this backyard makeover from Take It Outside, season 3. She turned James and Michelle's strip of empty, street-facing grass into a playful and...

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Real People Living in Condos: Urban Outdoor Space Envy

Summer is in full swing, and I have been soaking up every spare minute on our loft's spacious terrace. Being lucky enough to have such an outdoor space to call my own feels like a blessing (now), as most condo-dwellers are stuck with pocket-sized balconies or nothing at all. But when we were faced...

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Living in the Great Outdoors of Montpellier, France

Texas natives, Aidan and Paul Larson, first met and fell in love attending University. After honeymooning in France, they've spent the following years plotting how they could live there permanently. Paul's job enables him and his family to live abroad. Their first overseas home was in...


Deck Design: 50 Sq. Feet of Pop

    The increasing number of us living in condos or garden homes, or otherwise downsizing, has meant much less space for outdoor living. And while we've come a long way from the cheap, white plastic furniture that was so much a fixture of our backyards and porches a couple of decades...

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4 Unique Ways to Paint a Fence

 While a white picket fence is lovely and all, there's more than one way to paint a fence. Painting the perimeter of a front garden or backyard not only refreshes the look of your outdoor living spaces, but also provides another household canvas with which to explore personal creativity. While...


Tour the L.A. Home of Lori Dennis from Real Designing Women

After watching Lori Dennis work her magic on Real Designing Women, we couldn't wait to see what the contemporary designer had done with her own California home. Click to take the full home tour, and read up on her design style and expert tips below.     Who: Lori Dennis, Interior...

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