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10 Uses for Sponges

We rely on sponges to clean up spills and remove tough stains, but did you know their usefulness extends well beyond the cleaning supply cupboard?   From a reusable ice pack to providing your plants with just the right amount of water, we have ten amazing, money-saving ways to use sponges...

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10 Creative Uses for Old Magazines

We're not sure what it is about magazines but we never seem to want to throw them away. Our homes are filled with piles among piles of our favourite glossies, and we have no idea what to do with them..until now.   We've compiled a list of the ten coolest ways to use old magazines, including...

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10 Household Uses for Vodka

At last, we've found another excuse (actually, 10 excuses) to have vodka in the house at all times. Not only is it the prime component of our favourite cocktails, but it can actually be used for everything from first aid and cleaning to beauty and bathing.   We've compiled a list of 10 clever...

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10 Household Uses for Lemons

When life hands you lemons, forget the lemonade, put those lemons to good use around your home with these genius life hacks.   We've found 10 clever ways to clean, shine, polish and decorate with this gorgeous citrus fruit. You'll never look at lemons the same way again!   Do you have...

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