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Andrew & Maria

Andrew and Maria just bought their first home. But for this young couple to afford a mortgage, they need to reno their second floor into it's own apartment...


Paul & Angela

Paul and Angela want to buy a commercial building to run their doggie boutique. To save up enough money, they want to turn their rental home into two units...


Recycled Vanity

Scott saves Anna and Jody $700 by recycling an old vanity and adding a sink..


All About Your Dryer

Scott explains why checking your vents is of the utmost importance when it comes to maintaining your dryer...


Utility Costs

Scott shares his best advice on how to split up utility costs among tenants in a multiple unit building, as well as how to set rent costs based on tenants' utility usage.


Creepy Attic

Scott ventures up into the homeowners' attic and what he finds is quite frightening ...


Kathy & Fanche

Kathy is ready to move out of her parents' house with her sister. She needs an income property to help with the homeownership expenses...


Gas Stove

Scott chats with a fireplace specialist who explains how a radiant heating gas stove can heat up to 450 square feet without even needing a fan.


Nellie & Joe

Nellie and Joe have two teenaged kids to put through college. To make some extra cash, they just bought their first income property...


Buried Treasure

When Scott and a couple of homeowners rip down a storage unit along the wall of their house, they find some awesome vintage treasures from the 1960s...

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