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Sarah & Jim

Sarah and Jim need to find an investment property to help put their five daughters through college. They're both anxious to bite the bullet, so they need Scott to reel them in to make sure their first investment is a smart one...


Nick & Karen

Karen and Nick need to find a house with income suite so that they can afford their dream lives in the city...


Scott vs. Wall

Scott tests his strength on a basement wall panel...


Cory & Julie

Cory and Julie need to find and renovate a home with basement apartment so that they can successfully invest in real estate - on their third try...


Nicole & Michelle

Nicole and Michelle need to find and renovate a dedicated income property in order to repay Michelle's student debt, while making a joint investment to secure both of their financial futures like their late mother would have wanted...


Firerating & Fireproofing Your Furnace

You can never be too safe when it comes to fire safety. If you're creating an income suite, or increase your safety, here's how to firerate and fireproof your home...


Michael & Karen

Michael and Karen need to find an urban house with basement apartment so that they can afford to move into the city and reduce Karen's 2-hour commute to work...


Heated Floors

Scott gives you a closer look at how an infloor heating system is installed...


Jen & Brock

Jen and Brock are urbanites that live by the motto, "go big or go home". With the purchase of a property, they will become first-time homeowners, first-time landlords, and first-time renovators all at the same time...


Allan & Nasreen

Allan & Nasreen need to find a home with an income suite to supplement Nasreen's income as she leaves the workforce and starts her own reiki healing business...

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