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Rodrigo & Ana

Rodrigo and Ana need to find and renovate their first dedicated income property so that they can fund opening an orphanage in Rodrigo's native Ecuador.


Nicole & Michelle

Nicole and Michelle need to find and renovate a dedicated income property in order to repay Michelle's student debt, while making a joint investment to secure both of their financial futures like their late mother would have wanted.


Firerating & Fireproofing Your Furnace

You can never be too safe when it comes to fire safety. If you're creating an income suite, or increase your safety, here's how to firerate and fireproof your home.


Cory & Julie

Cory and Julie need to find and renovate a home with basement apartment so that they can successfully invest in real estate - on their third try.


Nicole & Michelle: Where Are They Now

A catch up with sisters Nicole and Michelle to see how their investment is doing after their purchase of an income property.


Scott McGillivray: 11 Things You Didn’t Know

Scott McGillivray is a busy man! With his filming schedule between Income Property and Canada's Handyman Challenge, along with many speaking appearances and writing books, he's also a husband to his wife Sabrina and father to his two beautiful girls, Myah and Layla. There's so much we see of him in...

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David & Lucia

Dave and Lucia need to find a house with a basement apartment that they can rent out to be able to afford to live close to Lucia's family, while saving to build a real estate empire. These two are depending on Scott to teach them not only how to find and renovate a home, but how to create a lasting...


Allan & Nasreen

Allan & Nasreen need to find a home with an income suite to supplement Nasreen's income as she leaves the workforce and starts her own reiki healing business.


Grant & Eve

Grant and Eve need to find a home with rental suite so that they can fund their annual $10,000 trips to Australia to visit Grant's family and hometown. They need Scott's help to make sure that they secure their finances in such a way that they feel safe and confident in their new roles as...



Sidra needs to find an investment property so that she can honour the hard work and sacrifice of her parents, while also fulfilling her secret desire to become a contractor. Without Scott's help, Sidra fears she won't become a successful real estate investor, or even worse, won't be able to show...

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