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Here in Spirit

A homeowner tragically dies due to mold in her lungs just weeks after working in her attic. Her partner contacts Mike Holmes to investigate.


A Tear in the Fabric

When the waterproof membrane on a rooftop deck is accidentally cut, water damage reaches every level of the townhome. Mike Holmes steps in to make it watertight-right but shows just how many layers need to be pulled back to fix the problem.


High Water

In the aftermath of the worst flood in Alberta's history, Mike Holmes travels to High River to help one family pick up the pieces of their damaged home, and discovers the true meaning of reliance in the process.


Ask Mike Holmes: Cracked Parging–What Are My Next Steps?

Is the parging around your house cracking or in need of repair? Mike Holmes helps answer this home dilemma question facing many homeowners.     HGTV Canada Twitter fan, @joanneturnbull asked, "I have a crack in the parging on the front of my house. What are my next steps?"   Mike...

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Broken Record

Mike Holmes follows the trail of devastated home-owners left by a con man and comes to the rescue of his latest victims. But despite numerous jail terms and a current arrest warrant, this predatory contractor seems unstoppable.


10th Anniversary Special

The anniversary special Behind The Overalls gets personal with Canada's most trusted contractor. Mike Holmes answers fan questions, reveals a day in his life, revisits his childhood, reflects on his greatest memories from the last 10 years, and also gives a hint to what's next.


Hoofed Roof

A group of rescued horses are at risk of being sent to pasture after a contractor botches the roof of their barn. Mike Holmes arrives to save the day and improve the quality of life for these horses, helping their caregivers along the way.


Below Board

Mike Holmes discovers that a house that looks good on the outside is hiding a rotting secret just below the surface, and now it's a problem that threatens an entire neighbourhood.


5 Years Old

A 5-year old house needs major repairs and the builder won't do anything to help. Mike Holmes and his team of pros step in to give the family the safe home they need and make up for the shortcomings of minimum code.


House Sandwich

Mike Holmes gets called to a house that's flooding after two "monster" custom homes are built on either side.

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