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Another Storey - P1

Jill and Mel hired a contractor to build a second storey addition. A year and a half later, the addition is nowhere near complete and the contractor has disappeared...


Here in Spirit

A homeowner tragically dies due to mold in her lungs just weeks after working in her attic. Her partner contacts Mike Holmes to investigate...


To Mike From Aggie

When a spirited mother-in-law tracks Mike down to deliver a letter to his mailbox, Mike is touched and agrees to fix her daughter-in-law's home...


5 Alarm Chili - P1

After her home is set on fire, Chili is pressured to hire a contractor who doesn't understand how to make it right. With nowhere else to turn she contacts Mike Holmes...


Flood Suckers

After a downpour in Toronto, Gina's basement floods with sewage water. Mike has to save this family's home, as well as the memories stored inside...


Great Wall of Crap

When the retaining wall on a couple's property is a massive fail, their absentee contractor picks up his tools and goes home. They need Mike's help!..


5 Alarm Chili - P2

Chili's home was completely damaged by an arsonist. Mike puts on his firefighter boots and steps into the fire himself...


Investment Gate

Janice and George's friends trick them into an elaborate $15 million fraud. Their basement is destroyed, their savings are gone and their family's future is doomed...


Walk the Planks

When a couple paints the second-storey deck on their 9-year-old home it starts falling apart. Mike and his team discover that it's rotted through and a big liability...


Another Storey - P2

Jill & Mel hired a contractor for a second storey in 10 weeks for $125,000, but he takes off with their money. This is one of the worst houses Mike has ever worked on...

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