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Samantha Pynn Reveals Her Colour Secrets and Her Living Room!

A good stylist can come into your home and manipulate the space using paint colour, fabric and accessories to take it from blah to vavavavoom. The secret to making colour work is a little repetition.  Truly, I believe that repetition is the greatest decorating device in existence. You can test...

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Design Dilemma with Samantha Pynn: On Bathrooms, Colour and Shower Curtains

Sam Pynn is a nice person. She knows that we read a lot of magazines and blogs that teach us how to apply 'quick fixes' in our own homes, and she is sensitive when the results of our efforts don't quite turn out as planned, as in the case of this Toronto woman's bathroom...     From...

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Video Exclusive: What Samantha Pynn and Malcolm Patterson Like in Their Mix!

Have you had your Mix fix today? Sam Pynn hosts a tour of 14 spaces by her favourite designers in our new and exclusive online series, The Mix. In it, she explains how each designer brings their look together. But designers tell us a lot of things. Off the record, what do they really like? In an...

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Sam Pynn Special The Mix Premieres Today at 11am and 9pm ET

If you've always wondered just how the homes you see in magazines and right here in our Original Home Tours look so pulled together, then set your alarm and plant yourself on the couch for designer Sam Pynn's one-hour special, The Mix, airing today at 11am and 9pm ET. In The Mix, Sam visits...

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Dream Big

In the second season premiere of Ellen's Design Challenge, eight furniture designers from all over America arrive at the workshop and receive their first challenge from none other than Ellen herself. Tasked with making a signature bed, the designers meet their carpenters and get to work.


Meet the Cast

Ten furniture designers, hand-picked by Ellen from all over America arrive in Los Angeles for the final phase of casting.


The Great Wall of China

The designers dive into making signature dining room tables that complement dinnerware sets they've selected from "The Great Wall of China."


The Great Outdoors

The designers arrive at a beautiful Hollywood home where they must select an outdoor living area, which reveals the type of furniture they have to make.

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