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Design Style: Mediterranean

Mediterranean style evokes sun drenched hills and breezy seaports stretching from Spain to Greece, with influences ranging from traditional Islamic motifs to colours drawn from the earth itself. Relaxed and uncluttered yet often opulent, Mediterranean style is perfect for an indoor-outdoor room, a...


Design Style: French Country

France's rich history is evident across the landscape, from its ancient stone farmhouses to the gilded rooms of the Chateau Versailles. French Country style is rustic but cozy, centered around celebrating the pleasures of daily life - a warm hearth, a shared meal, a good drink. History...


Design Style: Art Deco

Popular in architecture, interior design, fashion, arts and even film from the mid-20's to the 40's, Art Deco style was designed to dazzle. A Brief History Art Deco was born out of a mixture of Art Nouveau, Cubism, Modernism, Futurism, Bauhaus and Constructivism. Two of its most famous...


Design Style: Post-Modern

Post-Modern design is rooted in minimalism and organization. It focuses on: Highlighting and accentuating the use of clean straight lines in furniture and architecture Simple shapes Minimal decoration High function The juxtaposition and contrast of design elements...


Design Style: Japanese

This minimalist aesthetic will give your home a calming, meditative feel. With its emphasis on creating a proper balance and keeping everything in its proper place so good energy can flow efficiently, this is not the design style for pack rats. With this decor philosophy, you will learn how to make...


Design Style: English Country Cottage

The English Country Cottage's rural charm is an enduring decor aesthetic that can be interpreted in most homes, not merely ones in the English countryside with a thatched roof, ivy covered exterior walls and leaded windows. This design style's focus is comfort and the look evokes nostalgia for the...


Design Style: Arts and Crafts

Handmade, woodworked, organic and natural, Arts and Crafts decor creates a look of simplicity, functionality and quality in any room of your home.  Based on the concept of handcrafted goods, Arts and Crafts decor centres around rectilinear style (items that consist of straight lines). Most...


Design Style: Ultra Glamorous

Revisit Old Hollywood in the most modern way: by bringing it into your home. The design style is ultra glam and its components are nothing short of luxurious. Go beyond the simplicity and naivete of girly to a classic sophistication mixed with a bold lavishness and everything over-the-top. It's a...


Design Style: The New Romantic

Put your home in the mood. The word "romantic"can typically bring to mind delicate floral prints and soft pastel colours-a very traditional style that is definitely not everyone's cup of tea. Fortunately, romantic style is not limited by convention. By taking a contemporary angle, you...


Design Style: Shabby Chic

Resourceful, easy and affordable, Shabby Chic decor is an ideal way to create a cohesive theme with a miscellany of furniture, or to decorate on a limited budget for a simple, fresh and aesthetically pleasing result. Based on the concept of simplicity, shabby chic is a type of design in which old...

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