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How to Install Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting fixtures (or pot lights as we like to call them) are a popular choice for a lot of homeowners. There are many different types of pot lights depending on the space, location and look that you're going for - including low voltage and LED. If you're building new, they are much simpler...

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Behind the Scenes of Disaster DIY with Bryan Baeumler

I know he's married. And Sarah Baeumler is soooo lovely. But I'd like to just come out and say that Bryan Baeumler is kind of my boyfriend. (I'm sure many of you are rolling your eyes right now and telling me to take a number.)  But really, every time I ask to drop by for a little vis, he's...

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July is Cottaging and Staycation Month!

This month's theme is more than just a ploy to extend last month's Outdoor Living theme. Now that we've had a nice, month-long primer to summer, let's max it out shall we? Let's...luxuriate. And nothing says maxing out summer days like Cottaging and Staycation. True, Cottaging could be considered...

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New Shows, New Episodes: The New Winter Schedule Starts January 2, 2012

Happy New Year! It's that time again -- new year, new schedule! Check out what's new on HGTV Canada beginning Monday, January 2. New Series Home by Novogratz Premieres Monday, January 2 at 8pm ET Cortney and Robert Novogratz - the husband and wife design team who juggle seven children and...

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#HappyCanadaDay: Disaster DIY Marathon 12pm-6pm ET

Hooray for the long weekend! If you happen to be inside today, definitely check out the Disaster DIY marathon with Bryan Baeumler from 12pm - 6pm ET. "Come on, you know you want to watch," he's saying... And if you can't catch the marathon on air, you can watch all the Disaster DIY episodes and...

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Video Interview: Cheeky Bryan Baeumler of Disaster DIY

So, yeah, Bryan Baeumler is a saucy guy. I know it sounds like I swoon with every host I interview, but what can I say? I'm an impressionable person.   Anywhoo, at this past Toronto Fall Home Show I got Bryan in front of the cam for a little status update on his trade. As part...

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Budget-Friendly Cottage Maintenance

Bryan Baeumler, host of Disaster DIY and professional contractor, shares his best tips for cottage fixes on a budget. With today's economy, if you're lucky enough to be a cottager, you're also likely to be feeling the pinch. Consider saving the equivalent of your land taxes to dedicate to regular...


Top Four Cottage DIY Mistakes

Bryan Baeumler, host of Disaster DIY and professional contractor, reveals the biggest reno no-nos when it comes to the cottage. Permits People incorrectly assume that because they're at the cottage, building permits and codes do not apply.they do! The attitude of "Oh well, it's only the...


The Best DIY Cottage Improvements

Bryan Baeumler, host of Disaster DIY and professional contractor, explains what you can do to improve the quality and investment value of your cottage. The View Start with the view from the lake!  Installing a new or refaced dock, cleaning up the beach or landscaping around the cottage,...


Backyard Blues

Fran’s back yard and pool have fallen on the wayside.  A rickety fence, a shamble of a shed and putty filled cracks in the pool deck have left her kids Melissa and Michael pleading with her to get help.  Can Bryan pull Fran from the deep end and give her the know how to fix all of...

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