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How to Install Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting fixtures (or pot lights as we like to call them) are a popular choice for a lot of homeowners. There are many different types of pot lights depending on the space, location and look that you're going for - including low voltage and LED. If you're building new, they are much simpler...

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Behind the Scenes of Disaster DIY with Bryan Baeumler

I know he's married. And Sarah Baeumler is soooo lovely. But I'd like to just come out and say that Bryan Baeumler is kind of my boyfriend. (I'm sure many of you are rolling your eyes right now and telling me to take a number.)  But really, every time I ask to drop by for a little vis, he's...

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Lackluster Laundry

Alex's plans to finish a laundry room for his wife Muriam, have been stuck in the spin cycle since he began tearing the room a part three years ago. Muriam has wiped her hands clean of doing the laundry in the cramped space they are using now, though that won't last long since the couple's first...


Engagement Under Construction

They say you need to have something borrowed on your wedding day, but what about beforehand? Maria wishes she could borrow a professional contractor to finish the ongoing renovations in her first house with soon-to-be husband Roy.



Joe recently retired. With his designer wife Sharon at his side, Joe has plans to renovate the basement. Wanting to do all the work himself might take a bit longer than he thinks.


Appalling Apprentice

A little knowledge doesn't always go a long way! Despite being under the wing of a well-known contractor, poor 'Steve' attempted to impress his future mother-in-law by building a complicated deck and stairs with only the building know-how of a novice. Can Bryan help 'Steve' build a safe deck and...


Bathroom Cop Out

Chris's renovation looks more like a crime scene, rather than a bathroom. His wife Lori's patience with the unfinished reno has gone down the proverbial toilet (she doesn't have a real one yet).


Little Sister Big Reno

Maya has to learn her love of interior design means only changing what's on the outside of the walls, rather than what lurks behind them.


Hairy Scary Reno

Carlos may be an expert hair dresser in the salon, but he's definitely not on the cutting edge of home renovations. His wife Lori may have her own personal hairstylist, but she would trade it all for a personal contractor who could create a functioning kitchen.


Off the Beaten Bath

Perfectionist Michael has lost his way. Instead of focusing on one project at a time, he moves on to others without finishing any. His wife Marci has had enough and called in the big guns - Bryan.

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