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Pretty DIY Painted Crafts

It doesn't take a Picasso to pull off these DIY painted crafts! Whether you're bored of the jars, vases, or stools around your home, we've got amazing ideas (courtesy of the crafty Sarah Jones) to inject some fresh colour into your living space.  Click on the two DIY paint projects below...

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DIY Playroom Makeover (Plus Crafts!)

 My daughter turned five this month, and to celebrate, we created her idea (and mine) of the dream playroom. Her list of wants included:A pink tent, a big place to draw, a table for her and her friends with crafts, felts and crayons, giant flowers so it felt like a fairy room, and a dress...

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4 DIY Holiday Crafts for Your Home

If you're eager to pull off the prettiest holiday table, or just create a festive (and impressive) vibe throughout your home, we've got four gorgeous crafts for you to try this season. Click on each DIY holiday project below for more stunning photos, simple step-by-step instructions, and tips on how...

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Fab Holiday Crafts with Felt

We've seen some amazing DIY holiday crafts this year, and can't wait to try them out at home. The best part? It only takes some felt and a few minutes to pull off these fab and festive projects. Check out the two holiday crafts below and be sure to click the images for more stunning photos, simple...

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2 Outdoor Holiday Craft Ideas

Thinking your outdoor holiday decor can use a little sprucing up? From a jazzy new wreath to a super sweet bird feeder, we've got easy holiday crafts sure to make your neighbours jealous. Read on and click the holiday craft of your choice (or both!) for stunning photos, simple step-by-step...

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Mood Board: Country Craft Holiday Decor

Celebrate the homemade (or what looks like homemade) with a slightly old-fashioned feeling this season. This look is one of the most traditional holiday themes that I can think of, and I like to call it Country Craft. Imagine fresh baked cookies in a big farm kitchen with piles of snow outside and...

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