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The Picture Frame that can Change Craft Time Forever

 You know how they say organization can change your life? Well they're right. It can. And often it takes tackling just one little thing to make you feel like you've got a handle on life.    For parents, tackling the way those unruly arts and crafts are handled in the household...

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Pretty DIY Painted Crafts

It doesn't take a Picasso to pull off these DIY painted crafts! Whether you're bored of the jars, vases, or stools around your home, we've got amazing ideas (courtesy of the crafty Sarah Jones) to inject some fresh colour into your living space.  Click on the two DIY paint projects below...

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Craft a DIY Mug for Your Valentine

Leave a special message for your Valentine this year that they'll will see every morning, long after Valentine's Day is over. This tutorial will show you how to make a custom Valentine's day mug for your sweetheart using Sharpie's oil based paint markers.   Materials: Sharpie paint markers...

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DIY Playroom Makeover (Plus Crafts!)

 My daughter turned five this month, and to celebrate, we created her idea (and mine) of the dream playroom. Her list of wants included:A pink tent, a big place to draw, a table for her and her friends with crafts, felts and crayons, giant flowers so it felt like a fairy room, and a dress...

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4 DIY Holiday Crafts for Your Home

If you're eager to pull off the prettiest holiday table, or just create a festive (and impressive) vibe throughout your home, we've got four gorgeous crafts for you to try this season. Click on each DIY holiday project below for more stunning photos, simple step-by-step instructions, and tips on how...

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