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Top 5 Friday: Green Cleaning Products

In celebration of Earth Day (Sunday, April 22), I've rounded up five of my fave green cleaning products. Eliminating the harsh chemicals and fumes from the cleaning process your home, these babies can scrub and wipe with the best of them, while doing both your home and the earth a world of good. And...

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Question of the Week: Have You Done Any Spring Cleaning Yet?

  Quick back story: I've been living in my apartment for four and a half years, I'm moving next weekend and I have to rid my life of years worth of clutter. I'm not good at getting rid of things (hence the years of clutter), so I had no idea what to expect. But I was ruthless! Hundreds of...

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Ultimate Cleaning Guide

It's hard to always know what needs to be cleaned and when you need to do it. Thankfully, HGTV is here to help. Print this practical guide to help keep your home fresh and clean. Every Week Dust all furniture surfaces. Vacuum or mop floors. Disinfect kitchen and bathroom sinks....


Cleaning Outdoor Windows

With spring comes a plethora of outdoor chores - some easier than others. For most homeowners, cleaning outdoor windows can easily fall to the bottom of their "to do" list. Outdoor windows (especially those in large urban centres) can attract the grimiest dirt from being exposed to the elements...

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