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Spring Cleaning Checklists for the Home

Closets There's probably a very good reason why they seem to overflow with clothing, shoes, hats, belts, etc. Most likely you need to commit to clearing out the space, so it can act as a functional, organized closet. I'm warning you ahead of time: this activity is going to be tough, especially if...


Outdoor Summer Storage Checklist

When it comes to outdoor entertaining, it's easy to take inspiration from the indoors outside. This sturdy storage cube is the perfect spot to house seasonal accessories for dining, or even guest supplies, without causing clutter in your backyard. This PC Seagrass Storage Ottoman (priced from...

Blog Post

Winter Garden Checklist

When Old Man Winter breezes in there are still lots of things to do to protect you garden. Here's a helpful checklist to get you started. Much Ado about Mulch In winter, alternately freezing and thawing causes the ground to heave, thus exposing plants' roots to frigid temperatures which can...


Deck Building Checklist

Have you been dreaming about adding to the value of your home with a sunny, comfy deck area? Perhaps the time has come to go for it! But before you start this project, carefully consider all its components and come up with a detailed plan. To help you do this, check out our handy guide: Plan...


Sell It Faster: Checklist For An Open House

Before throwing your doors open to potential buyers, use this checklist to help you ready your home for an open-house. De-clutter! This can't be overemphasized. A cluttered home is a turnoff to most buyers. It's also...


Moving Checklist: What to do and when to do it

Moving into a new home is an exciting time but it can also be stressful. Don't despair. Whether you're doing it yourself, asking friends for a little help or hiring professionals, here is your moving guide to help get you through it. As Soon As Possible: Start early. Investigate and research...


Spring Cleaning Checklist for the Exterior of Your Home

Use this handy checklist to help you while starting the cleanup of your outdoor space. Inspect the exterior walls of your entire home. Look for signs of winter damage such as splitting wood, peeling paint, mold, etc. Got brick? It should be cleaned and checked for water damage once a year....

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